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Higher Studies in Germany (open questions & answers) 4th May


Date: 4th May, Friday, 2012.
Time: 10 pm Bangladesh, 6 pm Germany
During the two hours webinar, we will be answering your questions live on higher studies and general information on Germany. You are welcome to send us your query in advance by writing on the event wall.

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QUESTIONS MADE ON THE EVENT “Higher Studies in Germany (open questions & answers)” ON MAY 4TH, 2012

Moderator: Rashidul Hasan

Answered By:
Rashidul Hasan from Aachen
Adnan Sadeque from Stuttgart
Tanzia Islam from Dessau
Ashif Akhtar from Aachen

Participants:  35-40

nuralam16: amr question…….. biological subject, biotechnology or pharmacy ta versity ta part time

sazzad: bassag @ apnara doc a mention koresen je hiwi pete hole kisu programming jana valo or dorkar how much living cost need per month for a bangli?

mahadi: vaia BSc te jodi semester gap thake tahole ki MSc te admission pawa kotin hobe?

imran_sazzad: bhi ra ki bolben je kon kon programming shike asata valo?

nedahmed: I have passed my Bsc (Hons) in physics.I want to do Masters in Medical physics/ Health phy with scholarship mycgpa is not very well. shall i apply after Msc with good cgpa.

hasan: Duration job search visa after MS in germany?

nuralam16: scholarship jodi pai sata ki ak semister sass korar por diba?

md_ashrafulalam: telecom e ki kono part time job ache? amar ei field e 1.5 year exp ache + ccna kora ache

naveed: Is it must to have German knowlege for working any German IT firm?

nuralam16: rashid vai.. vissa ar bapar a ki kota bolta parbo? visa refuse howar main karon ki?

ashed0706066: could you plese clarify about Job prospect in Photonics(permanent)?

naveed: can any MSC student bring his spouse to live with him?what is procedure?

md_ashrafulalam: visa apply korar shomoy ki current job related kono documents dite hobe?

dul_roy: Bonn city te advantage & disadvantage gulu aktu bistarito jante chachilam via

imrance: Assistantship pawar jonno kerom CGPA thaka lage? German jana lagbe naki?

kazi_mahbub: blue card a eng. chara onnoder kono hope ase kina?

mrance: Assistantship ki Germany te jeye chesta korbo naki ekhan theke ei pawa jay?

tahmina: Entry level software engineer der salary kamon in Gemany?

nuralam16: vaia…… university of bremen & city somporka a ki kisu janata parban?

imrance: German kerokom jana thakle parttime job pawa jay? Mane koto ta dokho hote hoy?

ashed0706066: many erasmus program end in France/ Germany If last term Germany does he get 18 month

rashed0706066: job search visa in germany?

tahmina: Is Rostok a good place for IT peoples?

imrance: Part time job kore monthly koto income kora jete pare(Roughly)?

asbih_chowdhury: 9 powerhouse TU gulay ki 3 er niche CGPA niye chance pawa possible?

asbih_chowdhury: TU gular tulonay hochschule gula ki onek less prestigious?

mmr_musa: & is it possible to comfirm TA before arrival?

hmina: I have heard Germans are very arrogant and dont like to speak in English,is it true?

naveed: is it possible to do study,job and free language course at a time?

sadia_afrin: environment engineering ai sub a Ms kore pore okane job opportuny kamon?

asbih_chowdhury: austria’r TU Vienna ke ki germany’r 9 powerhouse er sathe eki katare fela jay?

ahsan_ulhasnine: what is the basic difference between University and University of Applied Science ?

solaiman_salvi: Computer science & engineering e ms er jonno germany te kemon opportunity ase ??

solaiman_salvi: direct phd er jonno apply korte hoi ??

sakib: One of my cousin faced visa interview two months ago,German ammbessy did reply anything. what to do now?

sudip_saha: chamical engg, MS er jonno germanyte oppurtunity kmon?

ahsan_ulhasnine: Uni-assist er maddhome apply korle shekhane j fee pay korte hoy sheta kivabe korbo?

sadia_afrin: germany te civil engineer der job ki available?

sudip_saha: chamical engineering e job opportunity kmon?

solaiman_salvi: Computer science e total study ta finance kore amon kono chance ki ase germany te ?

solaiman_salvi: ar job opportunity kemon CSE student der jonno ??

tahmina: Python/Django demand kamon?

lipon: ami 20 month bd te pori taile o ki studinklloege kora legbe?

hossain: How hard is it How hard is it for an alien person to socially integrate with german life?

mridul_roy1: Via Germany te Mathematics demand kemon?

nuralam16: bangladesh ar govt or private university ar variation kora ki na german?

mridul_roy1: Via Germany te Mathematics ar demand ta kemon?

lipon: ami jodi BD te 20months pori taile o ki studinkollege kora legbe?

nuralam16: onaka poramorsho dann onk gula university ta apply korta ar advantage ta koto tuku?

pronay_bishnu: NRW te short term Engineering practical training khojarr jonno Kono website ase ??

sakib: keu jodi two years er moddhe ms complete na korte pare,visa ki extend kora jay?

ahsan_ulhasnine: notary kora and attested korar moddhe difference ki , which one is more acceptable ?

sakib: passport er paper ki notary attested kora lage?

zunedahmed: bhai,physics a MS korar por job prospect kmon?

nuralam16: masters a ki batchalor ar moto specific kono markes lagba ?

sakib: TUM er ranking kamon?

lipon: inter german university te ki credit transfer kora jai?

mridul_roy1: amr cgpa 3.72 & ielts a 6.0 ami Uni of Bonn a apply korechi.amr acceptence kototuku?

lipon: USA or others country te o ki credit tranfer kora jai?

nuralam16: masters a ki batchalor ar moto specific kono markes lagba ?

lipon: inter german university or others country te ki credit transfer kora jai?

ahsan_ulhasnine: research asistantship er jonno kon jinish ta beshi important ?

lipon: others country te credit transfer possible?


Questions collected by Ashif Akhtar. 


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4 replies on “Higher Studies in Germany (open questions & answers) 4th May”

Hi, everybody. I guess this will be a great place for me to get the real answers.
I am actually planning to move in Germany for MSc in IT related subjects.
Is there any criteria like post-study-work in Germany?
Also how about part-time jobs? I am little bit confused about part-time jobs.
Is it allowed in Germany for the students to work 20 hours in a week and full time in summer?
Any response will be very helpful.


Hi, i have passed from iut in eee and working in power plant in bd for 2 years. I want to pursue my Meng in power system engineering in germany.
I have some queries- what are the possibilities of getting job in germany after completing the degree?
What is the average tuition fees and living cost?
In what ways will you put germany above canada if i am to study there. I mean the cost, living and career issues?


i am an IPE graduate from BUET.CGPA:3.18,GRE:313,TOEFL:93.have no publication.interested in MS in industrial engg.
is there any fund opportunity for me?how is my chance there?
please suggest me some suitable uni too.


Generally, in Germany they will not confirm fund like US/CA/AUS before reaching there. U have to find that after u r in Germany.
To know more read the articles of this website related to higher study in Germany and Job[RA/TA/HiWi] etc.
If u still have confusion, join the online session and ask.
Thank you.


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