Tips for Cell Phone contract in Germany


There are four cell phone providers in Germany, Telekom, Vodafone, Eplus and O2. O2, though most popular among the Bangladeshis, has the worst service and network coverage

among the 4 providers. However, O2 fullfils most of the calling demands that the students have in the cheapest way including VOIP calling to Bangladesh. Also most people like to call their Bangladeshi mates for free, which require them to also have an O2 SIM.

Phone with contracts are always expensive .

All providers use the newest phones in their offers to make it more attractive to win new customers. However, calculations over the contract period (normally 2 years) have shown that buying a phone and a SIM card seperately is the cheapest deal that one may get. The SIM cards can be bought with a very low rate through “Ebay” or other 3rd party sellers. Two examples:

Here is a link for getting the best possible online deal for the Handys. This list can be seen as the best sellers in Germany for UMTS Handys without contract.

Here is one example of a good SIM contract from Ebay (search O2 L on
O2 L (Flatrate to land phone and O2 network) contract for 1,99 Euro per month.

One should always read the exact description on the offer page as sometimes there could be some hidden cost.
Always check with someone who can read German before signing any contract. This is true for signing any kind of contract in Germany.
You should cancel the contract within 2 years, after that time period the contracts will be more expensive (normal provider rate).

Calling to Bangladesh
This is often the most important concern for the new students. For calling Bangladesh use any of the Betamax providers. This following site provides the list of all Betamax VOIP providers and updates the real time call pricing. It shows the current cheapest calling rate to Bangladesh (and anywhere else in the world).

There are several ways to call to Bangladesh depending upon the software that you would like to use:
Calling from PC. Almost all of them provides this easy to use option where you need to install the software on the PC and call using a microphone.
Calling from Cell phone. Some providers allow using calling to a local land phone number (Thats why you need a O2 flatrate :-)) and then dial to your destination through a voice computer. (Example Now a days, there are also Android and other mobile phone softwares available which can be used to call from your cell phone directly using an internet connection.

@All, feel free to ask questions. Will expand the doc with answers.

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