Higher-Study-in-Germany Visa-Interview

Sample questions for Student VISA-interview


Frequently asked questions that have been collected from different students facing the VISA interview at the German Embassy in Dhaka. These questions could be of help to students who are preparing their VISA interview.  

1) Tell me about your Family

2) What does your father do?

3) What are you doing now?

4) Who will finance you?

5) What is the Banking procedure to block the money?

6) What will you do after completing your study?

7) What is your future plan?

8 ) Could you point out the city in the german map?

9) What about the nature of the city that you are going?

10) Why did you choose this university?

11) When will your class start?

12) Describe about the program/Subject that you are going to Study.

13) Have you done any Language (German) course? (At first they ask what is your means of study,then ask this question)

14) If any one is currently job holder (BD) then they would also ask about their job.

15) For job holders, they also ask whether you are taking a Study leave or resigned from your job.

Question number 4,6,7,8,10 are very important and common. Rests are relative questions. Actually applicant must know some basic part of his course, application etc. All the question will be relevant to the course, country,city and finance. There will be no “hard” question, and your answers should be to the point and confident.

If anyone is a job holder, please take the experience certificate/Letter of introduction from your HR.

Hope this document will help the newcomer.

Another thing should be added then if they give time at 8.30, you should get there before 8.30. Arrange all papers in recommended style. You have to pay the visa fee after your visa interview in Standard charter Bank (SCB) which is 5-6 minutes walking distance. And for visa result eventually you have to wait about one month. So look for an appointment at least two months before your planned arrival in Germany.

Write-up: Stanley Dipu Mazumdar

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