BSAAG Seminars in Bangladesh on Higher Study in Germany


Many of BSAAG members will be in Bangladesh during Christmas and new year. We like to organize Seminars in Dhaka, if possible also around the country at the University level. The goal of these seminars shall be (but not limited to)

1. Provide students information on higher studies in Germany.
2. Provide the students an alternative to the Agencies.
3. Finding a proper communication base with the Universities.
4. Attract local newspaper/media to spread the our group and its goals.

Do you think this will make a difference? Do you have even better ideas how we could contribute?

How you could help us in this initiative?
1. Communication with your university to schedule a seminar, motivate them to organize and finance the logistics support and marketing needed.
2. Active participation in the Seminars in case you are in Bangladesh during this time.
3. Passive participation by helping designing the Seminar presentation, concept, communication and discussion feedback.
4. Spread the words, share the seminars even on your Facebook or Twitter status. Let us make a difference, together.

If there is anything that you like to contribute to make the seminars successful, please join the event, or write to us

We will organize and invite you to some online discussion in the next days, if you are interested, you can spend a little of your important time and contribute.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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