Online Admission Interview F.A.Q.


Admission Interview

Interview is an opportunity for  the
students to talk about their goals and
experiences. Here are some tips for the
students to feel more confident about interviewing.

1. What is admission interview for Masters Program?
In some university interview is taken as a part of their admission procedure. Nothing to worry about that it’s a simple interview. I would like to say most of the good university take this kind of interview to make sure that their valuable learning seat is given to the deserving/right person.
2. How I will know that I have to face the interview?
Most of the time it is mention in the university Masters Program website. In the admission menu you will find the information about interview process. However after submission of your all document they will sort out the ideal candidate for them. Then by selection board if you selected then you will invite to face an interview. You will know it by E-Mail. In my case it was over the phone. But in some university they might ask you for an interview over the skype.


3. What they inform in the email? Do I need to careful about particular information or issue?
They advice that in this way “Dear Mr X. We are pleased to let you inform that you are preliminary selected for our Masters Program. And we are inviting you for an interview on Date…….Day…… Time…… with Prof X and Prof Y”.

If you have no problem with that timing please confirm them about that interview timing by a reply email. If you really have some certain problem then let them advice they will reschedule it.

Yes put your eyes on the specific Date and Time. Remember they give you German time. So you have to put your mind that Bangladesh time is 5 hours ahead then Germany. Say for example if they give 9 AM (morning)German time that means you have to call or sit for interview on 2 PM (afternoon) Bangladeshi time.


4. What preparation I should take for technical issue and environment?
Ans: Well yes once you finalize the interview timing make sure during your interview you are in sound & disturbance free environment.

Well if it is Skype call then please noted down their skype ID and add it in your Skype list. And before interview check all your sound and other system. Best thing is you can make a test call with your friends.

If it is phone call then note down the phone no. Remember if you want to call from Bangladesh to Germany you have to use 00 & 49 (country code of Germany) before the given phone no. And if you use postpaid then it is not a problem. If you use prepaid phone then please refill it with enough balance or credit.


5. What is the duration for the interview?
Its always vary. However typically it is 5-15 minutes.


6. How should I introduce in the very beginning of the interview?Ans: It may be like this Hello is this Prof. X….Good morning (whatever) This Mr. Y I was supposed to call you for an interview. My application no/Reference no is …..for the Masters Program

Please make sure that you know your Application Reference no.


7. Who will take my interview?
Ans: May be it will be taken by 2/3 professor. My time there was 2 professors one is Program Director another one is examinations committee director. So it means you have to face professor who are involved with your program.


8. What kind of  preparation I should take for the interview?
The most Important and first thing you have to know each and every single information about the Masters Program. All information you will get from website. You should know eg: Program content, how many credits, how many semesters etc.

Second know about the university, third know about the city where the university located and fourth know about your professor.


9. What are the questions they asked in the interview?
 As I said earlier it is not a tough interview. First they will welcome you and introduce themselves who is there for your interview. Basically if the program is in English they alos try to check you efficiency level in English. They will ask you the following question—

# What is your name and application no?

# Please introduce yourself?

# How you know about the program and university?

# What you know about this Masters Program?

# Why you think we should offer you the place for you? Or How you suit best for the program?

# What is your IELTS score? [if your program is in English]

# Do you complete any German Language course? If so, until which level did you complete?

# Why you want to do this program?

# What is you plan after complete this Masters?

# Do you have any research paper?

# Whether it was mandatory for your undergraduate program?

# Do you have any work experience?

# In which company you work for? What was your position there? What type of job responsibility you did?

# Do you know anything about the city where the university located?

# We will not able to offer you any scholarship, so can finance yourself for the study period? [if it is not scholarship]

# Do you apply any other university?


10. Is there any chance that I may ask any question?
 Of course. At the very end they will give chance to you by saying this, is there anything that you want to hear from us or do you have any question or query? At that time you may ask your question. Last but not least I will say just be simple, humble, relax and say what you know. If you do not know anything just answer you do not know or if you that you can learn it in upcoming days just answer I will try my best to learn it in upcoming days. They appreciate it. No need to show or say anything that you do not know or you are not. At the end thanks them for giving you the opportunity and considering you for the position.

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