Join BSAAG Volunteer Team in Bangladesh


Be a BSAAG Volunteer, Be the Change!


Why becoming a BSAAG Volunteer?

We want the prospect students to take up their own responsibilities. Getting free help is only possible when everyone shares a helping hand. This way the BSAAG Team in Bangladesh could help the local students to guide properly in terms of Higher Study and future Career in Germany.


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Goal & Vision:

  • To form a voluntary Team consisting of 3+ students in every university of Bangladesh.
  • To spread the words of BSAAG, creating awareness.
  • To execute at least one Information Workshop at the local University once a year.
  • To eliminate Agencies by providing proper guidance for the students.



  1. At least three volunteers from each University to have a recognized local BSAAG Team.
  2. Able to organize at least one Seminar/Information Workshop at the local University.
  3. The goal of the Information Workshops will be to provide information and links that are already existing on our Group or Website.


Benefits for Volunteers:

  • Direct contact with BSAAG members from Germany, chance to build up networking.
  • Volunteers will enjoy a 1-year free membership for BSAAG and access to all BSAAG Services.


Who may become a BSAAG-Volunteer:

  • Must be a member of BSAAG for at least 3 months.
  • Preferably Students who are looking for a career in Germany.
  • Motivated to work on a voluntary basis.
  • Willing to contribute something for Bangladesh.

 Interested? Please click here to apply.

Beginners Guide to form a BSAAG Team at your university (for those who have registered above):

1. Please join BSAAG in Bangladesh Group on Facebook.

2. Create a doc with your university, if not existed already.

3. If your University team does not exist, please create one new document. Please do NOT change the Template document!

4. Update your team status according to the 10 steps document.

5. Your university team ranking will be updated here, will be updated by Admin only.



Adnan Sadeque

BSAAG coordinator from Stuttgart, Germany



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