Things you should know to get a job


Germany is one of the biggest job markets in the world, leader in research and technology. Probably the easiest place to find a job than anywhere else on the planet. The standard of payment and job security is superior than any of the western countries. Very high standard of living and social security makes it in my opinion the attractive most migration country.

What do you need to get a job in Germany? Before you start thinking of a job, please do your home work. Make a plan, and then execute it. Most students do not take the time to plan their career, and take decisions based on “rumors and suggestions” that often are misleading.

1. Learn German! This is the single most important thing that most students are still lacking in Germany. It is worth to invest time in studying the language than to improve your grade. You can only sell your good grade once you have the language skill to communicate it.

2. Think professional, and grow as a professional. Germans are the best engineers and they are professionals. They will hire you once and if they think you are a professional. When you think of getting a job, what comes up in your mind first? Is it how much money you are going to earn or is it how much fun you are going to have by designing a software? If it is the first one, you wont be hired.

3. Germans like experts. They want people who are very good in one particular field, or in one particular programming language. Do study what you enjoy to study. Do not study something only because that subject has a better “job perspective”. Be an expert in your own chosen field. Jack of all trades, master of none has no future in Germany.

4. Study German culture. Besides English taught programs, also look for Bilingual programs where German is also required. This is best way to plan your career in Germany. Learn the culture of this country, understand why they do things differently than us. What makes them so special that eventually motivates us to come here. Germans are very direct and they are almost always right. Most Germans have no problem telling you how they feel about something, even if you are a complete stranger. In Germany, it seems there is a rule for everything. If you do not understand how the people think, the chances are very less that you might get a chance to work with them.

5. University Ranking doesn’t matter. University ranking is rather a “myth” for the newcomers. In Germany the ranking hardly makes a difference as all universities and Fachhochschule generally keep a very high standard that shall not be compared with USA or UK. I would say concentrate on what you really want to study, that is interesting for you. The university do not make a difference in getting a job or phd. Only your own performance will be considered.

6. Learn to sell what you have. This is more of setting up a mindset. You should know yourself and your skills better than your employer. Study the companies that are producing goods in your field of interest, think what you can sell to them or more appropriately how can you help your employer to sell his products more successfully using your know-how. We all are buying things all the time, its easy. Now put yourself on the other side of the mirror, switch your mindset from buying to selling. Think of all the critics that you use to do after buying a product, now what do you think the employer (buyer of your know-how) should feel about you when you are selling him your skills.

7. Write a good resume. In Germany, companies will invite you only if they are convinced after reviewing your resume that you fit to do the job technically. In most cases, the job interviews are formal meetings to get to know you in person, not to ask you rocket science. So to get an interview all you need is to present your skills in the most efficient way for the employer through your CV. You must make sure that you have provided concrete information that suits the need of the employer without overstating your skills yet keeping things in perspective. How do you know whether you have the best possible resume for a particular job? Ask a friend to check out your CV as if he is going to hire you for that job, does he feel like calling you for an interview?

8. Networking. With the age of Internet, it is now easier than ever to network with people around you. Use your time on Facebook to build up network inside Germany, share your ideas, and dont hesitate to ask questions. Statistically one fourth of the total jobs in Germany are given through known network, don’t miss out this big chunk. XING is one of most popular for professional networking in Germany and is free to register.

9. Think big and live large. Your possibilities are only limited by your thinking. There are immense possibilities that you have, do not underestimate them. If you do not believe that you will get a job, chances are less that you will get one. And above all, there is more than just to get a job, you can always become your own boss, become an entrepreneur. Germany is a developed country not because they have a lot of highly paid jobs, but because there are lot of people around who have new ideas and they are working hard to implement them. When you think, think big and dont just live a normal life, live an extraordinary one.

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