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Bangladeshi Student’s Internship in Germany


Road to Germany: Bangladeshi university student’s Internship in Germany

Many of us have dream to establish theirs career in Europe (like me). How many options you got? Let’s see:

  1. Get a job or Employment visa.
  2. Get an Internship or Student visa. (In internship period you will be considered as student)
  3. Get admission in university or Student visa.
  4. Family reunion visa.

There are tons of document in World Wide Web explaining student visa/higher study. So in this document I will try to share my personal experience about internship.

What this document is about?

This document is for those people studying in any Bangladeshi university and wants to have internship in Germany aka Land of ideas.

Why Internship?internships[1]

There is some good reason to coming in Germany as intern. And reasons are:

  1. There is no need of “Proof of sufficient funds”. So it saves 8.5 lakhs taka.
  2. Most internship has paid salary. So you will get minimum 700€/month. And that is enough to cover your living costs.
  3. Interview process is quite simple at the German Embassy.
  4. Generally company/employee will cover health insurance and taxes.
  5. Some additional benefits will vary on employee. Such as air ticket, room for living.
  6. There is always good chance to have full time job if your employee pleased about your internship performance.

First of all, there isn’t any information in German embassy’s website about internship. So far all you got is only this document. So I want you to pay good attention to this document (just kidding). Below I described to do things in order with my comments (Comments are little informal way. But it’s definitely worth reading for heads up). Have fun readers.

Step 1: Internship offer from a company or employee.

First and most importantly you to have an employee who wants to you hire as intern. This is a challenge guys. It is not easy to impress a German company by siting in a desk with computer from Bangladesh. Just for heads up, you have to spend a good amount of time to achieve this. In my opinion if you can pass this step, first congratulation to you!! You are just 1 km away from Germany. I think technical students have good advantage here.

Step 2: Consent Letter from “Bundesagentur für Arbeit”

Secondly you need permission from “Bundesagentur für Arbeit”. Some might like to call it as “Work Permit”. Good news is you have to do almost nothing about it. All you have to do is to send scanned copy of your passport and University’s student enrollment certificate to your employee. And rest should be taken care by them. It will take 21 days to get consent letter. FYI: enrollment certificate can be in any format/template as long as it can proof that you are student of a university. But I recommend pdf form which can found in “Bundesagentur für Arbeit” website.

Step 3: Appointment in Embassy

Just after you get consent letter call embassy and fix an appointment. (PHONE CALL, NOT EMAIL).

Step 4: Attend interview in Embassy

Dudes this is the final step. Remember to take all documents original and 2 copies. Do not need to attest/notary any documents.  There will be only one interview in document checking counter. Make sure you have all documents. There is no harm to taking extra document with you:

  1. Visa application form. If intern duration is 3 month or less then fill short-term visa application form. Else long-term visa application form.
  2. Passport.
  3. Biometric photos.
  4. Consent Letter from Bundesagentur für Arbeit.
  5. Employment contract. Signed by both.
  6. Health Insurance documents/receipt.
  7. Internship Certificate from Bangladeshi University.
  8. Mark sheets from current university/study.
  9. Cover Letter(Optional. But I recommend to take one)
  10. All the certificates, mark sheets you have collected so far.

Take very seriously:  No. 4 & 5 must have to be original. So collect them from employee before its too late.

After submitting your documents you have to call embassy after 1-2 weeks later (In my opinion they supposed to call. But they won’t)

Few notable things:

  1. Internship visa is also like student visa. But in embassy you will be categorized as like any other Employment visa.
  2. At counter, embassy personnel should tell you that your visa application number will appear on website when they have decided anything. But it won’t.
  3. So far I know. Embassy will be confused what to do with you. Cause its pretty uncommon case. Maybe you will be the second one for them.

Read with care: All the information provided above from personal experience. I can be wrong or regulation can be changed. So I am not responsible for your any kind of harm or loss. Any question? Ask me. I will be here and there. Or email me ajkerfaisal at yahoo dot com. I hope you succeed with this approach and look forward to have coffee with you in Germany. Tschüss.

Special thanks to:

            Microsoft word, Bismark Bangali (Harun vai), Fokhrul Islam Bappy and BSAAG

Written by: Mohammad Faisal from Berlin, Germany.

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