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Due to so many queries, I will try to explain about Bachelor Study and Life in Germany. Please read this Article with concentration. I hope, you will get your Answer.

You can complete Your Bachelor Course in Germany with three Options.

1. Bangladeshi HSC Certificate is not equal to German High School Certificate. So if you have only HSC Certificate, then you need to complete a Preparatory Course Name (Studienkolleg). It is less than 1 Year and in total two Semester.

For an Admission in a Studienkolleg, You must take Part in an examination. For taking part in Studienkolleg Exam, You must complete normally B2 Level of German Language. With proof of German Language Competency, you will apply for this exam. It is called (Aufnahmetest) or entrance exam.  Your German Language and Mathematics will be tested here. Applying period for Summer Semester normally 15 January and for Winter 15 July. See details in Studienkollegs Website.

জার্মানির পথে-৩ জার্মানিতে ব্যাচেলর- প্রতিকূলতা বনাম সম্ভাবনা

If you have less than Grade 3.5 in Your HSC Certificate, you will not be able to Study in many Universities. It is also logical that, you are facing difficulties with your Study in Bangladesh. So, how can you complete Your Study in Germany?

Coming back to the Entrance exam, It is very much tough exam with many other International Students   (   from China, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesian, Thailand, Arabic Countries, South American, Europeans and………) from all over the World.  For a seat normally 20 Competitor. You need approximately (70-90) % Marks for a Place in Studienkolleg. Now a Days huge Number of Students are coming from China, Indonesia, Thailand, Morocco and Bangladesh. Around 1500 Students getting Admission per Semester but applicants are near 30000. The Students from those Countries most of them are Scholarship holders or financially well backed up. I mean, they are best Students of those Countries. But we are not so……

If you pass this exam, then you will be admitted in a Studienkolleg. Exam period start from December to mid of March for Summer Semester and for winter is June to September. It depends on Studienkolleg University. There are around 20 Studienkollegs University now in Germany. Course fee here 250-520 Euro per Semester. In Studienkolleg your Subjects are German Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Informatics. You must complete each Semester with at least 50 % Marks in each Subject.

In Germany normally Pass Mark is 50 in 100. But in German Language, it is 57%. At the end, you will take Part in an Exam called FSP (Feststellungsprüfung). You must pass this Exam. After passing this exam, then you can apply in the Universities (sometimes you will get automatically an admission in that University, where you finished your Studienkolleg) and normally you will get an Admission. It is easy to get an Admission Germany. Because of huge number of Universities.

But Facts!!!

For Completing B2 Level, You need normally at least 1 Year. You must pay Language Course Fee per Month 200-550 Euros. It depends on mostly Cities and qualities also. Normally it is around 300 Euro per Month. Your Living Cost is around 500 Euro per Month. It also depends on City, where you are. In most of the Cities, You are not allowed to Work during the Weekdays (from Monday to Friday). You can work in Saturday and Sunday.

It is difficult to get a job in weekend. Moreover you don’t know German. So it is difficult to get a job. Although if you have a Job, you can’t legally earn more than 400 Euro in a Month. It is very much risky to work here illegally. Working besides learning German Language is very tough and not a good idea.

So you need to think that, amount around 700-1000 Euro per Month, you will afford personally from your Parents. In One Year you will finish in total 8000- 10000 Euro.

If you get an Admission in Studienkolleg, then you will be allowed to work normally in Semester Vacations only (1-1.5 Month in total).   Studienkolleg Course is tough and Studienkolleg Universities are in small towns. So difficult to get a Job here.

Now I will talk about Visa procedure: First You will apply in a Language Institute in Germany. They will give you acceptance Letter and you must pay them before.

With this Acceptance Letter, You can apply to the Universities. They will give You a Conditional Offer Letter. With your Acceptance and Conditional Letter, You can apply for a Student Visa.

In Germany you have around 1 Year to get an Admission in a Studienkolleg. You need an Admission at a University within 2-2,5 Years ( 1 Year German Language + 1 Year Studienkolleg + few months waiting for Semester). If you failed to get an Addmission, they will send you back forcely to Bangladesh. In Germany now, we have around 2000 in total this types of Students. Only around 15 Students doing Studienkollegs now. It is reality.  Most of them are working all over in Germany. German Immigration Authority has sent already many of Bangladeshi Students to Bangladesh. And a huge Number are in threat or ongoing. Some of these Students have taken Assylem or escaped to other Countries. But most of them will be arrested for their Fingerprint in Germany.

German Embassy in Dhaka issuing a less number of Visa for Bachelor Students.

German Language is very difficult. Germany has a highly developed Education System and their Curriculum is also enriched. Many Students are getting GPA 5 now a day. With due respect, it doesn´t means that you can do everything or Study in Germany is not a matter. But I can say you, it is a matter. It is not a Video Games, that you will come in Germany and you can do easily Everythings. You can think that, before me more than 3000 Students, what have done. Success rate is here less than 5 Percent.

If you want to go through this Process, you need a Strong motivation, good Academic Results and Finanancial Support (at least 14 Lakh Taka will be expend).

Option 2: If you have 2 Years University experience and IELTS (6-9) or German Language Certificate (C1/Testdaf/DSH), then you can apply directly to the Universities. Normally you will get an Admission in one of them.


Now a Days many Students are buying 2 Years experience Certificate from some black listed Universities by Money. (Example- Darul Ihsan/ Atish Dipankar/ Dhaka International University and more…). German Authorities already know about these Universities and they are forwarding it to the German Universities. Already Uni-Assist (a processing Authority, this Authority is authorized by German Education Ministry and Universities for applications processing in some fields and it is mandatory).

In Germany deceiving is a big Crime and if they know about it, they will send you to Jail and cancel your degree. Time is not a matter here.

3. This Option is similar with number 2. If you have completed your half of Bachelor Credits. Then you can apply for a Credit Transfer. Language requirements will be same as like 2.


Very few Universities want to accept Credits transfer. Here is a link of a positive University.

Credit transfer is mainly for Business Students.

Visa processing for Number 2 and 3 Option: It will be almost same like 1 only except Language Paper. For more Information please visit

Sorry to say, Humanities Students have not a good Chance in Germany. They can try for other Countries.

So I think, it is better to come in Germany for Masters Degree.  It will save your time and Money also.

For more Information please visit:

And our old Posts and documents.

Written by- Sabbir Ahmed, a Studienkolleg student at University of Kassel.



জার্মানিতে উচ্চশিক্ষা বা ক্যারিয়ার সংক্রান্ত প্রশ্নের জন্য যোগদিন আমাদের ফেসবুক ফোরামেঃ


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