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Higher Studies in Germany (live questions & answers) 18th May 22:30 BDT


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Date: 18th May, Friday, 2012.
Time: 22:30 Bangladesh, 18:30 Germany
During the 90 minutes webinar, we will be answering your questions live on higher studies and general information on Germany.
You are welcome to send us your query in advance by writing on the event wall.
During the session, you can either write your questions on the chat window or use a microphone to talk live.

Chat history from 18th of May:

[6:57 PM] bsaag: Anyone from Lausitz?
[6:57 PM] bsaag:
[6:57 PM] bsaag: Better write down on the wall
[6:58 PM] bsaag: your internet is slow i think
[6:58 PM] sabirul_mostofa: Duisburg uni er keo ki asen? application er sathe documents gula only notarized korle ki a
[6:59 PM] bsaag:
[6:59 PM] sabirul_mostofa: *accept kore?
[7:01 PM] rana_rislam: vaia ra keu achhen?
[7:01 PM] bsaag: I think thats fine Sabirul
[7:01 PM] sabirul_mostofa: Thanks
[7:02 PM] rana_rislam: germany te ki textile er upor msc korte scholarship pawa jay?
[7:02 PM] md_rashidulhasan: WC
[7:02 PM] bsaag: Bitte schoen Shawon
[7:02 PM] abu_bakarsiddiquebiplob: I got admission in Hohenheim university. But I am living in Sweden now.
[7:02 PM] abu_bakarsiddiquebiplob: how can I apply 4 visa
[7:03 PM] md_rashidulhasan: bolo
[7:03 PM] abu_bakarsiddiquebiplob: .? Is possible to get visa after going and apply?
[7:03 PM] bsaag: Abu bakar, you can come to germany and apply here i think as long as your visa is
[7:03 PM] bsaag: valid for EU
[7:04 PM] sabirul_mostofa: uni application process kore ki application period shesh howar por?
[7:05 PM] md_rashidulhasan: ya
[7:05 PM] bsaag: question not clear to me Sabirul
[7:06 PM] bsaag: TU Dresden e onek textile student ache
[7:06 PM] sabirul_mostofa: for example uni-due e application deadline 15th july. ami application pathiesi 1 week age
[7:06 PM] sabirul_mostofa: ora ki 15th july er por process korbe or ekhon thekei?
[7:07 PM] nur_alam: Biotech a ki msc ta DAAD scholarship diba……… CGPA 3.45, A1,IELTS 6.0.
[7:07 PM] masudur_rahman: ami uni stuttgart e admission peyesi eibar. ekhon ki scholarship er jonno apply kora jabe?
[7:07 PM] mohammed_nurulislamraju: 1ta sompurok prosno 😉 Leather technologyte kothao masters krr sujog ase?
[7:07 PM] mohammed_nurulislamraju: amr 1 bondhur jonno totthoti dorkr
[7:07 PM] bsaag: check on daad Nurul please
[7:09 PM] mohammed_nurulislamraju: Thanks
[7:09 PM] jahid_kabir: আমি
[7:09 PM] bsaag: @Abu bakar, bismark is studying at the Hohenheim uni
[7:10 PM] bsaag: Questions either on the wall or use a microphone
[7:10 PM] masudur_rahman: ami uni stuttgart e admission peyesi eibar. ekhon ki scholarship er jonno apply kora jabe?
[7:10 PM] bsaag: We will close sharp at 0 Hour
[7:10 PM] md_rashidulhasan: U can talk by START BROADCASTING
[7:10 PM] jahid_kabir: আমি একটা প্রশ্ন করতে চাই
[7:11 PM] bsaag: which sub Masud
[7:11 PM] masudur_rahman: COMMAS
[7:11 PM] md_rashidulhasan: Ya, sure
[7:12 PM] bsaag: you can try at daad site
[7:12 PM] bsaag: i have not heard anyone got scholarship for that program so far
[7:12 PM] bsaag: Shawon Paul, please use the wall for asking question
[7:12 PM] bsaag: your voice quality is not good
[7:12 PM] jahid_kabir: সখেপে করছি, আমি মধ্যবিত্ত ঘরের ছেলে, তাই বাবার একটাই ভয় যে এতগুলো টাকা খরচ করে গেলে
[7:12 PM] md_rashidulhasan: Ya, sure. Koro.
[7:13 PM] jahid_kabir: মাস্টার্স শেষ করেই চলে আসতে হবে কিনা
[7:13 PM] apon_aziz: hi … every 1
[7:13 PM] bsaag: It depends on you Jahid
[7:13 PM] jahid_kabir: নাকি ওখানে জব মেনেজ করে থাকা সম্ভব
[7:13 PM] bsaag: there are more than enough jobs, if you are minimum qualified, u will get one too
[7:13 PM] jahid_kabir: তাকে কিছুতেই বুঝাতে পারছি না যে চাকুরি করলে থাকতে পারব না করলে থাকত এপারব না
[7:13 PM] md_rashidulhasan: U can talk by START BROADCASTING
[7:13 PM] apon_aziz: i have a question .. may i proceed ?
[7:13 PM] shawon_paul1: post study work permit ki one year??
[7:13 PM] masudur_rahman: hiwi/student job manage korte hole amake kon kon soft valo jante hobe?
[7:13 PM] bsaag: yes apon
[7:14 PM] masudur_rahman: ami matlab, catia, solidworks eigula motamuti jani
[7:14 PM] bsaag: masud, there is a doc on our site, please check for basic
[7:14 PM] jahid_kabir: ধন্যবাদ, আরেকটি প্রশ্ন করব
[7:14 PM] bismark_bangali: @Jahid_ Y
[7:14 PM] masudur_rahman: thanx 🙂
[7:14 PM] amit_italia: hlw
[7:14 PM] amit_italia: this is Amit
[7:14 PM] bsaag: Hi Amit
[7:14 PM] apon_aziz: I have completed my Bachelor in Information technology (Software engineering) from UUM
[7:14 PM] md_rashidulhasan:
[7:15 PM] bsaag:
[7:15 PM] amit_italia: Is der any1 who r interested in Pharmacy?
[7:15 PM] shawon_paul1: i didn’t get my answer yet
[7:15 PM] apon_aziz: wanna contunie MS … but so many things ..mean pre requisite dnt match 🙁
[7:15 PM] jahid_kabir: আমি Computing Information System এ অনার্স করেছি, এখন MS in MIS
[7:15 PM] shawon_paul1: what about PSW??
[7:15 PM] jahid_kabir: (Management Information System ) করছি
[7:16 PM] apon_aziz: joined the group whiteboard.
[7:16 PM] bsaag: how much is your annual cost of studying Jahid currently?
[7:16 PM] jahid_kabir: এখন আমি মাস্টাররসের জন্য যেতে চাছি
[7:17 PM] apon_aziz: quite confused … ami ki aro pore question korbo? but really i m serious … abt my stud
[7:17 PM] jahid_kabir: cost is per semseter based
[7:17 PM] bsaag: use mic
[7:17 PM] jahid_kabir: Total cost for MS in MIS is 1 lak
[7:18 PM] jahid_kabir: now there are may people telling me that i will not be able to take admission for masters
[7:18 PM] bsaag: so you are paying more than in Germany
[7:18 PM] jahid_kabir: in germany
[7:18 PM] jahid_kabir: may be
[7:18 PM] apon_aziz: ji .
[7:19 PM] shawon_paul1: what about PSW????
[7:19 PM] jahid_kabir: because i had no maths in my course
[7:19 PM] md_rashidulhasan: Adnan Bhaia aapnar voice low
[7:19 PM] jahid_kabir: is that right?
[7:19 PM] apon_aziz: amar ans ta ki jana jabe?
[7:19 PM] shawon_paul1: post study work permit ki one year only?????
[7:20 PM] md_rashidulhasan: Gut
[7:20 PM] bsaag: k danke
[7:20 PM] md_rashidulhasan: loud and clear
[7:20 PM] md_rashidulhasan: lour und klar
[7:20 PM] md_rashidulhasan: lout
*Sent close request to shawon_paul1.*
[7:20 PM] bsaag: closed: shawon_paul1
[7:20 PM] bsaag: Shawon Paul, please use chat window for your question
[7:20 PM] shawon_paul1: why i am closed?
[7:21 PM] apon_aziz: accha ami Bachelor korechi IT te ..but ami interested Diploma korbo Electrical e .posible?
[7:21 PM] bsaag: your voice is not clear, it creating noise
[7:21 PM] jahid_kabir: i have connected a headphone but i cant hear
[7:21 PM] md_rashidulhasan: unfortunately because of NOISE
[7:21 PM] shawon_paul1: yeah i am using the chat, but nobody answering my question
[7:21 PM] md_rashidulhasan: Ask again please
[7:22 PM] shawon_paul1: post study work permit ki only one year after MSc??
[7:22 PM] jahid_kabir: :-(((
[7:22 PM] md_rashidulhasan: Ya, it is 1 year
[7:23 PM] shawon_paul1: my connection is low , can’t hear clearly
[7:23 PM] md_rashidulhasan: till now
[7:23 PM] bsaag: apon what do you mean by Diploma?
[7:23 PM] shawon_paul1: if i admit myself again then for how long i can extend the visa???
[7:23 PM] apon_aziz: Diploma mean wt is not Bachelor or not Ms :p …
[7:24 PM] bsaag: there is no Diplom offered anymore I think
[7:24 PM] bsaag: it is now only Bachelor or masters
[7:24 PM] apon_aziz: i see
[7:24 PM] jahid_kabir: মারামারির শব্দ পাইঃ-(
[7:24 PM] md_rashidulhasan: Dpends on ur course duration and funding @shawn
[7:24 PM] jahid_kabir: কিন্তু কার কথা শুনি না
[7:25 PM] shawon_paul1: phd er jonno koto year er visa dey??
[7:25 PM] md_rashidulhasan: Dpends on ur PhD duration and funding
[7:25 PM] shawon_paul1: ok
[7:25 PM] bsaag: Another 30 minutes to go….
[7:26 PM] bsaag: Please use the wall or microphone for asking question.
[7:26 PM] bsaag: Ask specific question, so that we can also answer them to the point.
[7:26 PM] shawon_paul1: is it true that for IT professional, part time hour income rate is higher than others??
[7:26 PM] jahid_kabir: i am using headphone but i cant hear anyone
[7:26 PM] mohammed_nurulislamraju: I heard that PhD students are considered as Regular employee
[7:27 PM] bsaag: no one is talkin Jahid thats why
[7:27 PM] russell52: hello,,,,, i am doing my B.Sc in Environmental Science ,now in last semester
[7:27 PM] mohammed_nurulislamraju: in terms of fund/payment
[7:27 PM] bsaag: Yes Shawon
[7:27 PM] kishor_ireslave: business administration er jonno germany kmn?
[7:27 PM] jahid_kabir: ok
[7:27 PM] russell52: i want to do my M.Sc in remote sensing and gis in Germany
[7:27 PM] mohammed_nurulislamraju: then, what might be the amount of starting payment/ scholarship
[7:27 PM] kishor_ireslave: i need some information
[7:28 PM] russell52: can u let me know what is the present job facility in that field there?
[7:28 PM] bsaag: if u get a scholarship, it is not an employment
[7:28 PM] bsaag: for PhD
[7:28 PM] jahid_kabir: just tell me is there any impact of ss and hsc result to get admission for masters in
[7:28 PM] jahid_kabir: germany?
[7:28 PM] kishor_ireslave: health insurance for 3 month,how much cost?
[7:28 PM] jahid_kabir: SSC
[7:28 PM] shawon_paul1: i am working for two years here in a IT farm as a System Administrator and i have some cer
[7:28 PM] apon_aziz: @russell … wt was ur bachelor .. i done my project on GIS malay gvt project
[7:28 PM] bsaag: and I dont want anyone doing phd with scholarship, thats the last thing you want to do
[7:28 PM] md_rashidulhasan: NO @kabir
[7:28 PM] jahid_kabir: 🙂
[7:29 PM] jahid_kabir: also i dont have working experience but i work online, i mean freelancing as a web develop
[7:29 PM] bsaag: Russel, tumi ki question collect korte paro please?
[7:29 PM] jahid_kabir: developerd
[7:29 PM] shawon_paul1: will my experience and certifications will help me to get a better job in Germany???
[7:29 PM] bsaag: Its not allowed Jahid
[7:29 PM] jahid_kabir: can i use this as job expereince?
[7:29 PM] jahid_kabir: 🙁
[7:29 PM] bsaag: yes, Shawon
[7:30 PM] mohammed_nurulislamraju: so, the PhD stdents are paid as if they are regular employee, also the level of payment
[7:30 PM] bsaag: if you are good, you can earn upto 70-80K per year within 3 years working here
[7:30 PM] md_rashidulhasan: Bhaia ami disconnet hoyate 1st diker shob Q. missing
[7:30 PM] jahid_kabir: ok, but without job experience is it possible to get admission for masters?
[7:30 PM] mohammed_nurulislamraju: is like that of a fresh graduate
[7:30 PM] mohammed_nurulislamraju: joinign in the industry…is it?
[7:30 PM] amit_italia: No one is der who r interesed in Pharmacy or can any one gyv me info bout tht subject in n
[7:30 PM] bsaag: nurul, use mic please
[7:30 PM] abu_bakarsiddiquebiplob: Ami jehetu sweden e asi tai okhane gie visar jonno apply korbo babtesi. amake ki korte
[7:30 PM] shawon_paul1: my god, you are showing a really big dream for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[7:31 PM] abu_bakarsiddiquebiplob: hobe
[7:31 PM] bsaag: It is not just a dream, it is the reality
[7:31 PM] sabirul_mostofa: Uni er student selection process somporke ki ektu bolben?
[7:31 PM] sabirul_mostofa: ora ki sob application pawar por processing start kore? or ‘first come first serve’?
[7:31 PM] shawon_paul1: well then i should come quickly
[7:31 PM] bsaag: first come first serve,
[7:32 PM] shawon_paul1: is there much kind of IT jobs????
[7:32 PM] apon_aziz: I just took a video snapshot of this chatroom. Check it out here:
[7:32 PM] apon_aziz:
[7:32 PM] sabirul_mostofa: thanks
[7:32 PM] md_rashidulhasan: After the deadline they will start to process @sabirul
[7:32 PM] jahid_kabir: without job expereince can i get admission for master?
[7:32 PM] bsaag: yes Jahid,
[7:32 PM] bsaag: it depends on which prog u r applying
[7:32 PM] bsaag: must be mentioned there as well
[7:33 PM] jahid_kabir: I would like to do master in Information Systems
[7:33 PM] abu_bakarsiddiquebiplob: rashid@ bhai, sweden theke okhane gie ki vabe apply korbo. ki korte hobe amake plz bolen
[7:34 PM] jahid_kabir: but there is only one university in daad i found the have information system subject 🙁
[7:34 PM] bsaag: it might not be the best subject then
[7:34 PM] jahid_kabir: information technology is available but not information system
[7:34 PM] jahid_kabir: ooh
[7:34 PM] shawon_paul1: is it true that getting offer letter for masters became very difficult now in Germany????
[7:34 PM] jahid_kabir: may be
[7:34 PM] bsaag: if there are enough demands, there must be enough courses
[7:34 PM] md_rashidulhasan: U should contact the German embassy, Sweden @abu
[7:35 PM] md_rashidulhasan: or ask univ. about ur situation @abu
[7:35 PM] jahid_kabir: but i got another subject named Internet Technologies and Informations Systems
[7:35 PM] bsaag: we can not judge that Shawon, we dont have any statistics in favor of that
[7:35 PM] kishor_ireslave1: health insurence for 3 month how much cost?
[7:35 PM] md_rashidulhasan: If u have schengen visa u can even come to Germany and apply for VISA
[7:35 PM] bsaag: as student? Kishor?
[7:35 PM] jahid_kabir: there are the uni who are conducting this subject
[7:35 PM] jahid_kabir: anyway, thanks for your help
[7:35 PM] kishor_ireslave1: as student
[7:35 PM] jahid_kabir: bye
[7:36 PM] bsaag: 70 Euro around I think
[7:36 PM] bsaag: per month
[7:36 PM] shawon_paul1: i have job experience, IELTS 7.0, german language level A2,BSc CGPA 3.65–how is my chance
[7:36 PM] kishor_ireslave1: city registration?
[7:36 PM] shawon_paul1: to get the admission offer letter???
[7:36 PM] md_rashidulhasan: for TK insurance 79.95 EUro per month
[7:36 PM] bsaag: good to very good Shawon
[7:37 PM] bsaag: thanks Russel, im too old for that info
[7:37 PM] shawon_paul1: you encouraged me a lot
[7:37 PM] apon_aziz: lol
[7:37 PM] shawon_paul1: i am going to m ake the change then
[7:37 PM] md_rashidulhasan: 10 year in Germany for u! Really OLD! 🙂
[7:37 PM] kishor_ireslave1: amaldang card issue krte koto lage?
[7:37 PM] kishor_ireslave1: plz?
[7:37 PM] md_rashidulhasan: best of luck @shawn
[7:37 PM] bsaag: in 2002 it was 52 Euro 🙂
[7:38 PM] kishor_ireslave1: my ielts 7.0
[7:38 PM] bsaag: amaldang card ki?
[7:38 PM] sabirul_mostofa: I have applied for the BSC, CSE, Duisburg uni with my 3 semesters of uni studying in BD
[7:38 PM] sabirul_mostofa: my HSC result was good uni record is horrible. does it affect the selection process?
[7:38 PM] shawon_paul1: how are the chances of university part-time job???
[7:39 PM] md_rashidulhasan:
[7:39 PM] bsaag: if you apply for bsc, do they need your uni results at all?
[7:40 PM] kishor_ireslave1: ss.-5,h.s.c-4.4o,,,,,ielts-7.0….i m in 3rd yr in university of chittagong….
[7:40 PM] sabirul_mostofa: They asks the detailed academic record and I provided so 🙂
[7:40 PM] sazzad_imc: which uni will be the best 4 research in germany?
[7:40 PM] shawon_paul1: i am getiing 40,000/month here, but i will get more in Germany;don’t i?
[7:40 PM] kishor_ireslave1: nder graduate a pora somvob?
[7:40 PM] bsaag: well, its your mistake then Sabirul
[7:40 PM] bsaag: now just wait and see what happens
[7:40 PM] kishor_ireslave1: in germany?
[7:40 PM] bsaag: 40000 Euro ?
[7:41 PM] shawon_paul1: haahaahah
[7:41 PM] kishor_ireslave1: did u understand me?
[7:41 PM] bsaag: then you better stay in BD
[7:41 PM] shawon_paul1: no 40000 tk
[7:41 PM] kishor_ireslave1: r u saying to me?
[7:41 PM] bsaag: well, that is what they pay here in McDonalds.
[7:41 PM] shawon_paul1: well no he is saying to me
[7:42 PM] kishor_ireslave1: i wnt to study in under graduate level
[7:42 PM] shawon_paul1: lol
[7:42 PM] bsaag: its possible Kishor
[7:42 PM] kishor_ireslave1: for international business which uni will be better?
[7:42 PM] shawon_paul1: well, i heard some racism problems in east Germany, is it true??
[7:43 PM] bsaag: its not true Shawon.
[7:43 PM] kishor_ireslave1: berlin uni,frankfoot uni,?
[7:43 PM] shawon_paul1: is it safe in East Germany for asian to study??
[7:43 PM] sazzad_imc: for research based programmes which university will be better?
[7:43 PM] bsaag: Kishore, any uni is good
[7:43 PM] kishor_ireslave1: bremen uni,dressden uni?
[7:43 PM] md_rashidulhasan:
[7:43 PM] shawon_paul1: ok thats better
[7:43 PM] bsaag: sazzad, all unis are good
[7:43 PM] kishor_ireslave1: can i get the winter semester?
[7:43 PM] bsaag: it is not USA or UK, no uni make business here
[7:44 PM] bsaag: application deadline is 15th july i think
[7:44 PM] shawon_paul1: thats why i love this country
[7:44 PM] kishor_ireslave1: thanks
[7:44 PM] bsaag: Another 15 minutes….
[7:44 PM] shawon_paul1: will my job experience help to get a scholarship??
[7:44 PM] kishor_ireslave1: which city is better to live?
[7:44 PM] sazzad_imc: is there any DAAD scholarships for research project?
[7:45 PM] md_rashidulhasan: @sazzad
[7:45 PM] md_rashidulhasan: search here
[7:45 PM] md_rashidulhasan:
[7:45 PM] kishor_ireslave1: i mean where do the most bangladeshi live?
[7:45 PM] bsaag: any city you take
[7:45 PM] bsaag: it might shawon
[7:45 PM] bsaag: depends on whether there is an offer at all
[7:45 PM] shawon_paul1: ok great
[7:45 PM] kishor_ireslave1: which one most bangladeshi live?
[7:46 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: @Sazzad: for daad you have to contact prof directly
[7:46 PM] bsaag: That is Dhaka Kishor
[7:46 PM] shawon_paul1: after going there, first three month i can’t work, is that right???
[7:46 PM] bsaag: you can shawon
[7:46 PM] bsaag: if you have a job
[7:46 PM] kishor_ireslave1: ha ha ha
[7:46 PM] kishor_ireslave1: in germany?
[7:47 PM] bsaag: no statistics available, but better avoid those cities 🙂
[7:47 PM] kishor_ireslave1: which?
[7:47 PM] sazzad_imc: wt is the requirements foe overseas students to study post graduate course in medicine
[7:47 PM] bsaag: look for a good course, dont look for a good city
[7:48 PM] kishor_ireslave1: thanks
[7:48 PM] shawon_paul1: what are the part-time job regulation-20 hour/week and full time in 3 month i summer???
[7:48 PM] bsaag: you need to study in German
[7:48 PM] bsaag: its described in the Job related doc, please check
[7:48 PM] shawon_paul1: just to make sure
[7:48 PM] saadmaan_rahman: vai canada te september session a join korle valo….germany te amon kono bapar ase….asp
[7:48 PM] sazzad_imc: any opportunities to enter into a scholarship progrrames free?
[7:48 PM] kishor_ireslave1: do u think international business is good course in germany?ur suggestion?
[7:48 PM] bsaag: No Saadmaan
[7:49 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: @sazzad: for medicine, you have to work in research area, no in clinical
[7:49 PM] bsaag: yes Kishor, but jobs might be limited
[7:49 PM] bsaag: If you look for a career in Germany, better study in German
[7:49 PM] kishor_ireslave1: which one is most preferable in business sector?
[7:50 PM] kishor_ireslave1: plz….
[7:50 PM] shawon_paul1: how about per hour minimum part-time income???
[7:50 PM] hossain: what is the interval between two semesters in germany – two months or three?
[7:50 PM] bsaag: minimum is 6-7 euro
[7:50 PM] saadmaan_rahman: germany te koita session a intake hoi …is it sep, ja, may
[7:50 PM] shawon_paul1: well stusying in Germany is too hard I guess
[7:50 PM] niloy_rahman: I got admission offer letter from university of Ulm ,i need some info !
[7:51 PM] md_rashidulhasan: @sadman, 2 intake
[7:51 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: @hossain: 2 semster a year. breaks depend on the exam schedule
[7:51 PM] sazzad_imc: is there any opportunity to enter into a research area free?
[7:51 PM] md_rashidulhasan: winter and summer
[7:51 PM] bsaag: Hi Niloy
[7:51 PM] shawon_paul1: i mean studying MSc in German language
[7:51 PM] niloy_rahman: hello sir
[7:51 PM] niloy_rahman: winter
[7:51 PM] bsaag: it is not harder than to waste time for GRE
[7:51 PM] hossain: thanks
[7:51 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: @sazzad: can you clarify ur question?
[7:51 PM] bsaag: congrates Niloy
[7:52 PM] niloy_rahman: can i apply from here in Qatar
[7:52 PM] niloy_rahman: thanks sir
[7:52 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: sure
[7:52 PM] shawon_paul1: haha, i already wasted some for GRE!!!!
[7:52 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: GERmann is better than GRE
[7:52 PM] sazzad_imc: I mean any free scholarship proggrame for research project?
[7:52 PM] kishor_ireslave1: styding in germany in german is better than english to build career yhere?
[7:52 PM] md_rashidulhasan: I did also, so do not worry! @shawn
[7:53 PM] niloy_rahman: in my offer letter mentioned in bd address,is it problem for me?
[7:53 PM] bsaag: yes absolutely Kishor
[7:53 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: research is always funded through scholarship or employment
[7:53 PM] bsaag: your chances are 10 times better than those who did in English
[7:53 PM] ashif_akhtar: @niloy… to get visa u have to go to your home country
[7:53 PM] kishor_ireslave1: if i can learn tha german after going there?
[7:53 PM] russell: @rashidulhasan– is it possible to apply for Phd directly right after hons ?
[7:54 PM] shawon_paul1: well having B2 level certification is much i guess
[7:54 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: normaly for phd, one needs MS, it can be even from outside germany
[7:54 PM] bsaag: you can Kishor, it takes some time though and you need to finance as well
[7:55 PM] sazzad_imc: I;ve recently completed my MBBS course from BIRDEM now wt can i do to enter into research
[7:55 PM] niloy_rahman: @BSSAG…i have to go bd to get of my visa !!!!
[7:55 PM] bsaag: Ashif, tomar mic ready ache ki?
[7:55 PM] kishor_ireslave1: can u plz say the round figure of the cost?
[7:55 PM] bsaag: if you are bd citizen, then yes
[7:55 PM] niloy_rahman: yes..
[7:55 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: sazzad, you can get a MS course here and after that go for phd
[7:56 PM] kishor_ireslave1: learning german language there?
[7:56 PM] ashif_akhtar: na vaiya
[7:56 PM] bsaag: about 400 euro only for language
[7:56 PM] bsaag: might vary +-100
[7:56 PM] niloy_rahman: i am working in Qatar….is there any possibilities to get VISA from here ?
[7:56 PM] sazzad_imc: MS course in which subject?
[7:57 PM] bsaag: niloy, please check with the german embassy in Qatar
[7:57 PM] niloy_rahman: ok sir i will go there
[7:57 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: MS in related field, like molecular biology for example
[7:58 PM] kishor_ireslave1: okay…………plz suggest me….
[7:58 PM] sazzad_imc: ok then how could I apply for that?
[7:58 PM] kishor_ireslave1: should i go to germany in eng curriculam?
[7:58 PM] hossain: How much a MS degree from a good German university is recognized in other European
[7:58 PM] hossain: countries and in USA for Job and PhD?
[7:58 PM] kishor_ireslave1: i have desire to build a career there
[7:59 PM] bsaag: that is a good idea Kishor
[7:59 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: I think german degrees have same reconition
[7:59 PM] kishor_ireslave1: apni amare bolen ki good idea
[7:59 PM] kishor_ireslave1: confusing kotha barta
[8:00 PM] kishor_ireslave1: plz
[8:00 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: @kishor: studying in german is good idea
[8:00 PM] kishor_ireslave1: amar ques usiness field a germany kn?
[8:00 PM] jamshed_alamemon: hello brothers
[8:00 PM] bsaag: Dear all, its time to close now.
[8:00 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: hello janshed
[8:01 PM] hossain: thanks
[8:01 PM] kishor_ireslave1: nooooooooooooo
[8:01 PM] niloy_rahman: if i wanna get VISA from bd then how i can be arranged for their requirements ?
[8:01 PM] jamshed_alamemon: i need some help
[8:01 PM] ashif_akhtar: @niloy… this doc might help to figure out your question
[8:01 PM] ashif_akhtar:
[8:01 PM] niloy_rahman: like interview
[8:01 PM] kishor_ireslave1: plz 10 minutes more
[8:01 PM] jamshed_alamemon: could anyone help me?
[8:01 PM] bsaag: Further questions you can ask on our group.
[8:02 PM] md_habiburrahmandolon: vai embassy te interview deyar por reject hoyar karon gulo ki ki hote pare?
[8:02 PM] bsaag: Tanvir, tomar ki somoe ache?
[8:02 PM] md_rashidulhasan: Check
[8:02 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: yep
[8:02 PM] niloy_rahman: Thanks Mr. Ashif
[8:02 PM] bsaag: Ok then you carry on please
[8:02 PM] md_rashidulhasan: in the chat room there u can leave ur question
[8:02 PM] md_rashidulhasan:
[8:02 PM] md_rashidulhasan: in the website schatroom u can leave ur question
[8:02 PM] kishor_ireslave1: say in one businees degree is good in germany..plz
[8:03 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: @habib: normaly proper docs thakle reject hoy na
[8:03 PM] bsaag: yes Kishor
[8:03 PM] kishor_ireslave1: thank u
[8:03 PM] bsaag: you are welcome
[8:03 PM] kishor_ireslave1: u people r so helpfull for us
[8:03 PM] hossain: Would it be possible to save the chat room log as a document in facebook bsaag group?
[8:03 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: in germany a engineering degree is better than a business one. this is the land of enginee
[8:03 PM] bsaag:
[8:04 PM] bsaag: we will do that Hossain, good idea
[8:04 PM] jamshed_alamemon: i am facing some problem regarding uniassist to apply in berlin school of economics and .
[8:05 PM] sazzad_imc: wt r the requirements for MS couse in molecular biology?
[8:05 PM] kishor_ireslave1: economics or other?
[8:05 PM] jamshed_alamemon: i need some help regarding uniassist
[8:05 PM] jamshed_alamemon: law
[8:05 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: @sazzad: I dont know. you should check in the respective website
[8:05 PM] bsaag:
[8:06 PM] md_habiburrahmandolon: vai interview te ki rokom question korte pare?
[8:06 PM] md_rashidulhasan: I think it is closing time now
[8:06 PM] bsaag: if your question is not answerred there, leave a comment please
[8:06 PM] sazzad_imc: is german language necessary for MS course?
[8:06 PM] jamshed_alamemon: the procedure of uniassist seems very complex to me
[8:06 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: please have a look at our docs
[8:07 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: not all the MS needs german. Many of them ar in english
[8:07 PM] sazzad_imc: oh thats good
[8:08 PM] kishor_ireslave1: is it possible to manage the cost in germany by part time job?
[8:08 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: OK guys, Please go through our docs in the facebook group and the website.
[8:08 PM] sazzad_imc: then I need IELTS 7.0 or GRE isn;t it?
[8:08 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: Your question is probably already answered
[8:09 PM] md_rashidulhasan: GRE and IELTS are diff.
[8:09 PM] mohammad_tanvirrahman: Ielts or toefl, not gre
[8:09 PM] rakany:
[8:09 PM] bsaag: banned: rakany (bsaag)

mohammad_tanvirrahman: Its time to finish the session.
[8:10 PM] md_rashidulhasan:
[8:10 PM] hossain: Thanks the bsaag members for answering our questions
[8:11 PM] md_rashidulhasan: If u still have questions
[8:11 PM] md_rashidulhasan: put it here
[8:11 PM] md_rashidulhasan:
[8:11 PM] jamshed_alamemon: is anyone there who is applying via uniassist
[8:11 PM] bsaag: Thank you all for attending,
[8:11 PM] bsaag: we have tried our best to answer your queries
[8:11 PM] bsaag: any further questions, please join our facebook group.
[8:12 PM] md_rashidulhasan:
[8:12 PM] bsaag:

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I heard that BD government would refund the plane fare if somebody is going to apply for it within 1st of any country arrival.Please let me know whether it is still exist.thank you.


Now i am studying in ITALY. I am doing masters in background is BBA.. Now ,i want to move in any german university in business related course with scholarship. is it possible to do it now? i want to go in september.


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