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How to find Accomodation in Germany (F.A.Q.)


How can I find affordable rooms and flats? Which service do the Student Organization Services offer? To what should I pay attention to when renting a private flat? How should I proceed when looking for a shared flat?   Kirsten Schomann (Student Service Organisation, Kassel) and Adam Sweeney (author of the eBook “WG gefunden!”) answered your questions on Monday 23rd September. 

Search and preparation

How do I fin
d available rooms in WGs? 

You need to search online. The most popular website available is There you can select he city and all your preferences such as price and room size. You will need to write to those who put up the offer.

It is best to have your preferences sent immediately to your email and have a letter ready or if there is a number, it is better to call and ask to view the apartment and meet the roommates.

What are the paperworks that need to be done when trying to rent a room? Could you please explain the procedures of the renting process? 

After the room offer, you will get a lease contract. Normally for the student halls you will have to pay the first rent and a deposit before moving in. We need a receipt of your payment or the payment here in Studentenwerk in cash.

As for a WG room: you will get a contract that says what the rent consists of as well as how much the security deposit is. Be aware that the security deposit upfront may cost 3 months cold rent. In the end you simply sign the contract with the renter.

Can you recommend some useful websites for accommodation searching? I’m mainly interested in shared flats, but other kinds of websites are welcome too! 

Here is a short list of useful websites  –  –  –  –

How can I improve my chances to get a room with the Studentenwerk?

Normally the waiting lists for rooms in student halls are quite long. But most of the student services have also offers of private rooms or guest families. So, we try to help you in finding a room, perhaps at first for short term.

The renter of the room will give you a standard rent contract. It has all the rights for the renter and subletter according to German law. Just pay attention to whether it is an open-ended contract or limited and how much notice you have to give before you move out if you decide to move out at some point.

Wie kann ich eine günstige Wohnung finden, wenn ich mit meinem Ehemann nach Deutschland zum Studium ziehen möchte? 

Sie können sich für einen Wohnheimplatz, ein Doppelapartment, bewerben. Voraussetzung ist jedoch, dass Ihr Ehemann auch studiert. Sie sollten beide an derselben Universität eingeschrieben sein. Ansonsten könnte Ihr Ehemann einen Gastmietvertrag bekommen, der auf 6 Monate (in Kassel) befristet ist.

Du kannst auch statt eines 2 WG Zimmers eine 1-2 Zimmer Wohnung finden und die Miete dann zusammen zahlen. Es gibt 1 Zimmer Wohnungen bei aber die meisten findest du bei

When should I start applying for a room in a Studentenwohnheim run by the Studentenwerk? By the time of the application deadline or when I get the acceptance letter? 

You can apply as soon as possible, even before you have applied at the University. You can hand in your admission letter later, the latest when you get a room offer.

When should I start searching my future accommodations and making arrangements for living? Is a contract or anything else needed to be settled before arriving (in January)? 

You can start searching 2-3 months before your arrival. It is best to make yourself available to visit potential rooms in person but if this is not possible you need to ask upfront for a skype interview. You can search for rooms that are available for example 1-4 months. Sometimes it is easier to get these rooms because it is very temporary.

Organisation and local support

How can I find a cheap / affordable room in Munich? Is it possible to find one with rent in the range 250 – 350 Euro per month? I am intending to apply for a Master Degree in Munich and I am very worried about accommodation. Thanks.  

Rosie, your best bet is a WG-room. You can find offers from all kinds of price ranges on The price depends on how close you are to the center and how big the room is. The cheapest I have seen is 350 euros but on average a WG room in Munich ranges from 400-600 euros a month.

I am a DAAD Scholar. I have got admission at TUM and for last four months I have been trying to find a room in Munich. I have also applied Studentenwerk and many other private Hostels. But still now I cannot found any room. And my classes are going to start from 01.10. Currently I am doing language in Dortmund. My visa will expire on 12.10.2013. Is it possible to apply for extending the Visa without having an accommodation? I need your help in finding a place in Munich. 

If you have applied for a student hall, the Student Services of this city can send you a confirmation, which you can give to your embassy. The confirmation says that your name is on the waiting list.

I registrated on to find a room to rent. Could you please tell me if this website is reliable? And where could I complain if something with an agreement turns out the way it was not supposed to be.

I have found to be very reliable. I found my first 3 apartments with this website. Make sure to read your contract carefully. If the roommate does not follow the contract, you can report them to the owner of the building or apartment. If you have a breach of contract with the owner who is unlawful, then you must turn to higher authority.

I am from Mexico, are there any special room offers or help to students? I am currently studying with a DAAD scholarship in Hamburg. 

I would suggest that you ask directly at the Student Services Hamburg. Sometimes there are rooms available for scholarships or special programs.

Every Student Organization Service has a website with a lot of information. There is also service concerning other points than accommodation, for example about the city.

I found a WG room in Berlin but the tenant requires me to be in Berlin to proceed! So how is it possible to secure any room from abroad before arrival? Wired money transfer is not a safe step, so what commits me and the tenant to the agreement? Most website don’t offer any booking service!

I would go to Berlin if it is not too far. This is not always the case. It is possible to find a place from abroad and sign the contract and send back through scanning and email. You may not be asked to give any money until the time when you are renting but if requested beforehand you can wire transfer the money. Make sure though that both parties have signed the contract and you have all information from the renter.


If I get admission in Berlin, how much money would I need to live in this city?

For a private room or flat it is about 250 to 300 euros, altogether about 650 euros.

Was die Zimmer betrifft, gibt es Städte oder Orte, die günstiger als andere sind? Ich weiß, zum Beispiel, dass München eine relative teure Stadt ist. 

Manche Städte sind ja teurer oder billiger als andere. München, Köln und Frankfurt sind ziemlich teuer, aber in Ostdeutschland kann es billiger sein, zum Beispiel in Leipzig, Erfurt und Berlin.

In Deutschland ist es nicht üblich zu handeln. Die Preise für Plätze in Wohnheimen sind fest.

Die Preise für WGs sind auch fest.

You can find more information on


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