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FAQs about studying Computer Science in Germany


On 19. Oktober our experts Prof. Christoph Wentzel and Steffen Küpper from UAS Darmstadt answered many of your questions concerning studying Computer Science in Germany. Read the FAQs:

1. Requirements and application
2. Special programmes and career prospects
3. Costs and rankings

1. Requirements and application

What are the conditions to study CS in Germany? Are there bachelor studies in English? If not what level of German is needed? What are the available bachelor programmes and their profiles?
In general there is only the university entrance qualification you need. International students need also a German language certificate. The level of the German language certificate is depending on the university your are applying for. If you are searching for a complete bachelor programme in English you can check the DAAD International Programmes Database or check the database on

I graduated in Computer Science (Bachelor). I want to ask about what is the difference between a university and a university of applied sciences and which suits me best as I have done two internships in Germany?
The main difference is in the focus for more theoretical or practical orientation. Also, universities in general are older and bigger. You have to decide if you like more theoretical (research) or practical studies and which major you are interested in. Then have a look for the appropriate university.

What is the difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering?
Computer Science is broader and covers more software, user and application orientation, while Computer Engineering is the technical and electronical view.

What are the criteria German universities look for when reviewing an application for Master in Computer Science?
Here we can only speak for our university (University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt). We look at the final grade of the bachelor degree, practical or social experiences and outstanding recommendations from universities and/or companies. Other universities have other criteria. One thing that counts for all universities are the language skills. International students need to proof their language skills (English, German) with language certificates.

If I study at a University of Applied Sciences, can I get admission in Phd after M.Sc? I want to be a researcher. Should I avoid Universities of Applied Sciences?
Some Universities of Applied Sciences have cooperation with other universities to provide special PhD possibilities. In general traditional universities are better equipped for doing research.

Can I transfer my credits when I change to a German programme?
That is a single decision of each department. The departments decide on acknowledgment of other courses only after students have already enrolled at the university.

Do German universities consider professional working experience when choosing candidates for the universities?
Our university (University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt) pays attention to working experiences when students apply. During the studies there is no special recognition of that.

2. Special programmes and career prospects

Is Computer Science a good career option?
Of course, Computer Science is a good career option in general and in Germany in particular.

I was checking the information of the Joint International Master’s Program (JIM) of University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt and have some questions. Do I have to have the ‘Start Deutsch 2’ exam already passed? Isn’t there any German course included in the programme? Since it’s taught in English, if I’m just going to take the TOEFL can I apply with it? If I’m accepted when would I be notified? (To be able to apply for a scholarship)
The German language certificate is not necessarily needed altogether with the application. You can submit the language certificate within the first semester at our university. There are special offers from our university for international students learning German. Each semester, we offer German intensive courses for different levels. We offer different courses to deepen language skills and research methods in German. Like the German language certificate, it is possible to submit the TOEFL result within the first semester at our university. Notifications about applications are latestly sent to you by mid of September. If you can send your application completely earlier it is possible to send you the notification even before. So you have enough time to apply for a scholarships, e.g. one of those you find in the DAAD Scholarship Database.

Could you please let me know if there are good options for online master programmes in computer science, for those who can’t move to Germany?
Unfortunately there are no online programmes as far as we know.

I am interested in Computer Graphics related masters courses. Could you recommend me any university?
There are some universities, e.g. the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, that offer a deepening in Computer Graphics during the Master’s programme.

What is the most important or the hot course in the branch of CS?
At our university (University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt) it is currently IT Security and mobile computing.

I’m a specialist on Unix system. Which university could you recommand?
Universities do not look for operating systems as a criteria. If you want to become a CS you need to have more general knowledge.

I am interested in Network Security. Could you recommend me any university?
Our university, the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, offers a deepening in IT-Security. Network security is a part of it.

I am interested in process engineering related master’s courses. Please let me know if there are any universities?
You can search online in the DAAD Database for International Programmes or the general database on where you can search for universities offering these programmes.

3. Costs and rankings

Which are the best German universities in the field of Computer Science?
There is no best university, it is more depending on your own preferences. The main criteria to choose a university should be your interest in theoretical or practical direction. Other criteria are: the degree you would like to gain, the university’s location resp. the city you’d like to study in and the size of the university. There is a ranking provided by CHE (Centre for Higher Education) where you can find some more details: A special programme in English is the Joint International Master’s program (JIM) of University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt.

What is the difference between studying Computer Science in Germany and the USA?
The main difference between these two opportunities lies in the differences of the German and US universities and their structures. You have to know what your interests are and than search for the university that suits your interests.

What is the average cost of getting a master’s degree in Computer Science from a German University?
This question is not easy to answer. Costs are very different. We would recommend to have a look at the websites of the choosen university. They should provide more detailed information about the costs. Another option is to make an advanced search in the DAAD database where you can select by costs.



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