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Nicole Berners from the DAAD and Geld
Dr. Sven Werkmeister, director of the DAAD Information Centre Bogotá, answered your questions concerning funding opportunities in Germany. Read the FAQs!

1. General questions
on applying for a scholarship
2. Scholarships for students
3. Scholarships for doctoral candidates

1. General questions on applying for a scholarship

How and when can I apply for DAAD scholarships?

It depends on the scholarship programme and on your country of origin. First of all, you should choose “your” scholarship programme in thescholarship database . There you will find the application deadline and all information on the documents you have to submit. The application form that is used in general can be downloaded here . You have to hand it in at the local DAAD office  or at the German embassy. Please check in the country information  which is the correct address: www.daad.de/stipendien . Then the application procedure will proceed. This means that the independent selection committee will check your application. 

Is it only DAAD that funds foreign students in Germany? If not, what are some of the other donors?

DAAD is the most important provider of scholarships, but there are other institutions as well. You may find a lot of them in our scholarship database .
Check also local institutions in your countries. Many times they also offer scholarships for study and research stays in Germany. The DAAD representatives in your country  can help you to locate these institutions.

Is there any age limit for DAAD scholarships?

In general, there are no age limits in DAAD programmes. But of course, if you apply for example for a study scholarship your last university exam must be recent. Please have in mind that there is a great variety of scholarship programmes by the DAAD and other institutions. You should always check announcement for the requirements of the specific programme you are applying for.

What is included in the scholarship? Are accommodation and health insurance included?

Most DAAD scholarships finance the complete stay in Germany that means a monthly scholarship (often 750 Euro per month), health insurance, public liability insurance and accident insurance as well as travel costs. Depending on how good your German is, the DAAD can also pay for a preparatory language course. In many DAAD scholarship programmes you may also apply for a special allowance for your husband/wife and your children.

Are there any special scholarships for people from Central or Eastern Europe?

In general, the DAAD scholarship programmes are open for all countries of origin and for all study fields. You may choose your home country and study field in the scholarship database  to see which scholarship programmes are offered for you.
Also you should check with your local DAAD representative  for specific offers in your home country. You can find a list of all DAAD offices here .


2. Scholarships for students

I want to do a master’s in Germany. Are there scholarships I can apply for?

Scholarships for studying a MA degree in Germany are offered by a wide range of different institutions, the DAAD being one of the biggest among them. There is variety of different funding possibilities depending on country of origin, field of study etc. For an insight into the different funding possibilities, please check
1) The homepage of the DAAD representation in your country
2) The scholarship database of the DAAD . You can limit the search regarding your country of origin and subject of study, in order for the results to fit your personal profile. The data base includes scholarships of the DAAD and other German institutions. The most important DAAD programme for Master’s is the “Study Scholarship Programme”. This programme is open for many countries of origin.

Are there any scholarships for international master students that don’t require German skills?

Yes, indeed. Many master’s courses in Germany don’t require German skills. You can find the English taught programmes in the DAAD International Programmes database . The DAAD Study Scholarships are open for these programmes as well.

Most of the DAAD scholarships also include an intensive German language course up to 6 months that you can participate in before you start your MA programme. The language course is fully funded and independent of the language your Master programme is taught in (this means you can enroll in the German language course also if your Master programme is in English). After completing the 6 month intensive language course, students with former basic German knowledge are most of the times able to continue their MA studies in German.

I want to study in a degree programme in Germany. Are there any scholarships available?  I also don’t know the German language. Can I learn it in Germany before enrolling in the university?

As I said, there quite a lot of English taught programmes in Germany. If you are interested in doing a German taught programme, a certain level of German is of course necessary. Some universities do provide preparatory courses. But of course, we would recommend you to learn as much German as you can in advance.

I am from India. 1) I am interested in doing masters in the field of automotive engineering with scholarship. What are the criteria for applying for a scholarship? 2) In some universities they have no tuition fees so what kind of scholarship will I get? 3) In the competitive scenario of getting a scholarship, what things should be taken in consideration so as to stand out of the crowd and to get an easy passageway for getting a scholarship?

1) The DAAD and most of the other scholarship providers always will try to take into account the overall profile of the candidate. You should check the scholarship announcement and make sure to fit their requirements. Please take into account the programme’s objectives.

2) Scholarships in most cases will pay a monthly amount for accommodation and your living expenses. Many times they also include your travel expenses, health care etc. Maybe it’s interesting to know that only in two of the German “Länder”, there are tuition fees: Bavaria and Niedersachsen. In all other “Länder”/federal states, there are no general tuition fees.

3) The selection criteria depend on the programme’s profile. You should always have in mind that recommendation letters, motivation letters etc. are also important parts of your scholarship application.

What is the number of foreign students who get a scholarship for Masters every year?

In 2011, the DAAD awarded about 42,000 scholarships to foreign students and scientists. This includes scholarships for Master’s, doctoral studies and also short term scholarships, for example to participate in a summer school.

I am from Colombia and I’m looking for a scholarship, to make a MA in sustainable environmental technologies, are there some special scholarships?

For scholarship offers you can check the website of the DAAD Colombia . In your case you should have a look at those two programmes: 1) DAAD-COLFUTURO, 2) Becas para Profesionales para Estudios de Postgrado con Relevancia en los Países en Vía de Desarrollo

When should I start applying for a scholarship, after I get an admission or after I come to the university and register myself?

The deadline for applying depends on the individual scholarship programme. In some cases you can apply without yet having your admission to the German university. In other cases the admission is one of the requirements. Please always check the scholarship announcements.
You should inform yourself as soon as possible about the different scholarship opportunities in your country to make sure that you will have enough time to complete your application successfully before the deadline.

l already got an admission to study in Germany but no scholarship. I want to know if l can still apply for a scholarship once l start my programme in Germany.

You can apply for a scholarship if you haven’t stayed in Germany for more than one year when applying for the scholarship.

Can I get a scholarship even in a state funded university?

Of course! Most German universities are state funded.
In general, there are state funded universities and privately funded university that are recognized by the state. The DAAD scholarships are open studies for studies at both types of universities.


3. Scholarships for doctoral candidates

I’m looking for a PhD position in Germany. Is it possible to contact a professor who is willing to be the supervisor and then arrange a scholarship opportunity to work with him?

If you are looking for a PhD position in Germany, you may have a look at our PhDGermany website .

I want to study for a PhD in Germany, is there a scholarship which I can apply for? Is there a list of available PhDs in German Universities?

There is a variety of different scholarships for carrying out doctoral studies in Germany. In case of an individual doctorate, the most common way is to first find a tutor and afterwards look for possible funding options. The scholarship database of the DAAD  can help you finding the right scholarship. Depending on your country of origin and your field of research the scholarship possibilities vary. Please review the scholarship database of the DAAD  to find a grant that fits your plans.
You should take into account that if you are planning on studying in structured PhD programme, many times those programmes or Graduate Schools offer their own funding and scholarships.
We recommend you to check www.phdgermany.de .

I am a postdoc in Germany and I would like to start a collaboration with a Colombian lab. Part of this collaboration includes having a PhD student from Colombia visiting us twice, each time 3 months to learn the techniques needed. The visits will be once at the beginning of her PhD and the last visit at the end of it. What kind of scholarship do I need, the sandwich-model or a normal “Forschungsstipendium”?

We recommend you to check the different individual and institutional funding programmes we offer for the German-Colombian cooperation. You will find them on our website: www.daad.co under section ‘Becas’. For personal consultation you can always contact our DAAD-office in Bogota (you can find the contact details on our homepage, too).

Are there scholarships for doctoral candidates in the sandwich model?

Yes, there are. More information can be found here . The sandwich model is directed to PhD students that want to do a PhD in their home country.

You will find a lot of information concerning our scholarships in the DAAD scholarship database . You can also check our Facebook page: www.facebook.de/Study.in.Germany .

For students from Latin America we especially recommend our Facebook page www.facebook.com/DAADColombia  where you can always update yourself about scholarship news from the DAAD and other institutions.

Don’t forget that there is a great variety of scholarship opportunities in Germany. Take your chance! We wish you good luck!

Original Source: .study-in.de


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