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ট্যাবুলার ফর্মেটে সিভি লেখার উদাহরণ


এই টেবুলার ফরমেটের সিভি আপনাকে দুই পৃষ্ঠার মধ্যে শেষ করতে হবে। যদি বেশি হয়ে যায় তাহলে বর্ণনা গুলো দেবেন না। হেডিং গুলো বোল্ড করে দিন। সব মিলিয়ে দেখতে যেন সাধারন কিন্তু রুচির পরিচয় থাকে। যেভাবে সিরিয়ালি দেয়া হয়েছে সেভাবে না দিয়ে নিজের ইচ্ছে মতন দিতে পারেন। তবে গুরুত্বপুর্ন ব্যাপার গুলো সবার উপরে থাকাই ভালো। তবে আরো একটা জিনিস মাথায় রাখবেন, আপনি পড়াশুনার জন্যে আবেদন করছেন, তাই চাকরীর জন্যে দেয়া সিভি এবং এটা দুইটা ভিন্ন জিনিস।

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General Rules

A German resume should always be up to date and complete. Gaps of 3-4 months between the various career steps (e.g. school/university or university/career) do not have to be explained.

A German resume should be arranged in tabular form. On the left side, the time frame should be specified. On the right side, the description of the individual time frames should be given.

A German resume should be structured thematically (examples for naming and structuring of the blocks, see below). It should be sorted according to the thematic blocks in reverse chronological order, i.e. starting from the most current event to the past.

The structure of a German resume should be based on the profile of the job you are applying for. The thematic arrangement of the blocks is not static but can be changed according to said profile. The description of each activity in the blocks can also be adapted. Emphasize aspects of your resume that match the profile and omit other aspects that have no relevance. Please also keep in mind the soft skills that are mentioned in the job description. Evidence of
those skills can be given by providing examples of activities, not only by mere enumeration.

A resume should be max. 2 pages long.

Thematic Subdivision

Personal data / information

    • Full name (first name and last name), address
    • Telephone number (please ensure reachability and a serious voice mail announce-
    • Marital status (for women: if children are present, write “childcare ensured”)

University degree / study program / school and university

      • Course, name of university, city
      • Specialization / study program
      • Topic of the thesis (bachelor’s, master’s or diploma thesis)
      • Final Grade

At this point you can also briefly mention your graduation from high school, unless it was a graduation by second-chance education, at an international school, or had any other stations in the academic path that are of interest for the intended position. In this case, you can create a separate point for education, call this “schooling” and place it behind “professional experience”.

      • Degree (only the highest e.g.: A-Levels), school name, city
      • Final grade

Practical experience / work experience / practical activities

      • Company name, location
      • Division, department
      • Short listing of the activities performed

Vocational education (if relevant)

      • Name of the company, location
      • Name of the vocational education
      • Brief description of activities
      • Final Grade

Military service / civil service (should always be a separate item)

      • Department, location
      • Activities (list only if relevant to the requirements of the targeted position. This could also be considered as examples of soft skills!)

Extracurricular activities / university internal activities

      • Institution, high school name (association name)
      • Project
      • Brief description of activities

Additional qualifications / skills

      • Foreign languages (language skills are divided into four categories: a) business fluent b) very good (fluent) c) good d) basic skills). Certificated do not have to be attached.
      • IT
      • Further education (specify only current developments, which have a relevance for the targeted position)

Interest / Hobbies

      • Sports
      • Culture
      • Special skills

The indication of hobbies is not mandatory. You should only specify hobbies if the make you tangible as a person and future colleague. So, for example: Sports proving your teamwork skills or that provide a balance (running or other fitness exercise). Less interesting are thing
like reading, meeting friends and traveling.

At the end of the resume you should always put:

Place, date


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