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First of all welcome to everyone who ever think to pursue his or her Business Studies in Germany. There is no universal rule that you have to follow this, but here is some of the experience and information so far achieve. I will share it here and hope it will help upcoming student. I will go through FAQ [Frequently Asking Question] and will try my best to answer those questions, by that you will get all your desire answer or information. But before that I want to thank you two people in this BSAAG group for inspiring me writing such document.

# Contents:

[1]. Information for Prospective Bangladeshi Student Masters in Business Studies in Germany: Prepared by Md. Mamun Serajul Mazid

[2]. Some more questions on Bachelor Study in Business related sub./BBA

[3]. Some more questions on Masters Study in Business related sub./MBA


[1]. Information for Prospective Bangladeshi Student Masters in Business Studies in Germany

: Prepared by Md. Mamun Serajul Mazid



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Question: How can I pay fees from Bangladesh for my application in Germany if I need to do so?

1. I want to do MBA or Masters in Business Studies. What is the prospect? How much salary they get? What are the scholarships I will get……..????

Ans: There is so many people make question like this without browsing and reading document of this group. Hey, first you made good choice that you think of your higher studies in Germany. So calm down and you did another good thing by joining this group BSAAG website Germany is highly subsidies country in the world for their education system. So compare to any other country in EU, USA,UK, Australia GERMANY is far better choice if you want peruse a High Quality education with a minimum amount of money. There is enough job opportunity and social security. Just one thing as Bangladeshi has to do, That is learn German Language. For business student knowing very good English and German Language is very important if one want to establish himself/herself in Germany.

2. What I have to do?

Ans: You have to be proactive, determine, hard worker and good planner as well. You have to pay a very good time to browse website. Two things in the very initial stage you have to do 1. Browse DAAD website and read the document of BSAAG group. And before starting ask yourself what you will do after study?

#If you want to stay in Germany and build your career over there you must have to learn German Language.

# If you just want to going for study and will back to Bangladesh then knowing limited German Language is fair enough, if you do not want to learn. But remember knowing foreign language is always assets.

3. What kind of plan and preparation is needed?

Ans: No one knows better than you, about your overall financial, educational and personal life. Being in abroad for study and career is a big decision itself. You have to go through so many process, issue and difficulties. In the very beginning you have to think about finance. Here I am giving you one equation—

# Masters Program Medium of Instruction is English + Low tuition fees [200-600 euro/semester] = Limited Option,

# Masters Program Medium of Instruction is German [MBA and Other Masters Program] + Low tuition fees 200-600 euro/semester]=  So many Option,

# Masters Program Medium of Instruction English (MBA)+ Tuition fees[1000 PLUS euro/semester, Often it is /6 times per semester]=So many Option.

# As most of the student come in Germany as Self- Financed student so you have to put it in mind that you will need 7908 euro [its your one year living cost in Germany] to get the visa. Along with that you will need 1000-2000 euro [depends on you for the first few months cost eg: dormitory cost, tuition fees, administrative fees, insurance, monthly cost etc]. So all together you have to prepare for at least 11000 euro and its including air fare. So do your math sharply

# Start Language course: You can do it in Goethe Institute in Dhanmondi Dhaka or Die Sparche in Jmal Khan Chittagong. Remember if you want to be in Germany Language is very crucial and important and its assets indeed.

Now one person has to think what he wants and what he can do under this circumstance. So do your math    sharply. Ask yourself what you have , what you want to do and what you will able to achieve.

4. What are the medium of instruction for the business related masters program?

Ans: There is 3 type of medium of instruction for the business related program. Those are: # 100% English, # 100% German and often mix of # German and English eg: 70% German and 30% English vice versa.

5. What are the masters Program available?

Ans: I would like to say almost all the program, Masters in Marketing, Management, Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, International Marketing, Foreign Trade, Business Administration, Management Information System, Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management etc.

6. Which universities offer these programs?

Ans: There is so many university offers these programs. There is two type of University in Germany those who offer these programs. They are 1. Known as University 2. University of Applied Science, in German the often known as Hochschule or Fachschule. There is no only basic difference that University offer Phd, but University of Applied Science does not offer Phd. And there is nothing to worry at all. And if you want to know more difference you can browse DAAD and read the document here in this Group. Here for your convenience I am giving you some program name, along with university name other important information.

NB: Remember regarding higher study the best way is to browse and look to the most update information, not to the old one. That might be only for your reference

7. What is the best profile (equip myself) if I want to go for Master in Business Studies along with English Medium of Instruction Program.

Ans: English Program often known as International Program. The best profile one can have:

1. Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (BBA) major or minor can be in any Subject. But Major and Minor important in a way like if your Bachelor is from Marketing and you want to apply Masters in Accounting. It is not like that you can not apply other subject. You may apply but for sure chance will be less.

          2. Work Experience: At least 2/3 years will be the best in any renowned company. But if it is Multinational that will be best.

3. IELTS: 6.5/7 with no Band below 5.5, If it is 6 in all Band that will be best.

4. German Language at least A 1.

5. Any research or internship paper.

6. I want to do Masters in German language, is there any problem?

Ans: Not at all. But personally I will not advice it. If it is Bachelor then I will advice go for it. But for Masters I prefer English Program along with MS one can learn German Language. Why I do not prefer? I think in Masters Level it will become a bit tough. Because before starting Masters you must have to complete C1 level Language. And as Language student you will not able to work unless it is holiday. Apart from that you have to pay good amount money and time for this language program. But if you determine you want to do it, then its not impossible. So all it depends on your own decision and financial condition.

7. I am looking For MBA what kind of requirement I need?

And: MBA is very expensive. In most of the MBA Program tuition fees is very high. It is started with min 1000 euro/ Semester and in Some Business School its 5/6 times per semester. Along with that you will need very Good GMAT and IELTS score. Not only that you must need have 2/3 years worked experience in well reputed company along good job responsibility. Now decision up to you!

8. Why I have to change the typical mindset about MBA?

Ans: Because in Bangladesh every one doing MBA no matter its quality, and profile people have. MBA is executive study design for mid level to senior people. If you check the profile in different university not even in Germany rather in the whole world. People who are doing MBA they are in already there job life more than year’s very min service is 2.5/3 years wok experience. So you need to change the typical concept say I complete BBA and I want to do MBA like it is happening in our country. The reality is NO you cannot do it in EU or any good Business School in the world. You must need minimum work experience.

So conclusion without GMAT, IELTS and Work Experience MBA is quite impossible. And last but not least its EXPENSIVE!!!

9. GMAT is needed for Masters?

Ans: No, most of the cases it is not. But in some masters they want GMAT. But that can compensate if you very good work experience at least 2.5/3 years.

10. University mentions that they need 4 years Bachelor, I did 4 years bachelor in Bangladesh. So is that equivalent to EU system?

Ans: NO.  It is not. In EU system they mean 210 credits for four years Bachelor. But in most of the BD university offer BBA which is 135-150 credit [NSU,IUB,EWU,AIUB etc], so in USA system if you do not have 210 credits they will not accept you as 4 years bachelor degree.

So conclusion is most of the 4 years Business Bachelor Degree in Bangladesh known as 3 years Bachelor degree in Germany/ EU system.

11. So how can I apply to those university who looking for 4 years Bachelor?

Ans: Often some universities compensate that requirement by work experience if you have.

12. No I will not apply for MBA, I am looking for Masters and want to skip GMAT is it possible?

Ans: Of course most of the Masters in Business studies do not require GMAT so you have ample option.

13. I do not have any work experience, but I can manage it, so should I submit those?

Ans: Of course NOT. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! Because after a certain time they will revealed it’s fake.   And for sure you will not able to answer so many query which you do not have any experience. So again please don’t do this.

16. My background is not business, can I do MBA/ Masters in Business Studies?

Ans: MBA YES you can do this. Masters NO you cannot. MBA is executive study if you meet certain    requirement you can enroll to it.  And apart from typical Business Subject there is MBA in Engineer. And there is some other different kind of MBA. I mean those MBA focus on different field rather than typical Management, Marketing etc.

For Master you cannot, well let me you example you will do Masters in Marketing. So the requirement will be bachelor in Marketing. As you are from engineering or textile so you cannot go for Masters in Marketing.

17 .  Is there any Scholarship for Business Student?

Ans: Yes there is DAAD Scholarship. You have to prepare for that at least 6-12 months before. But the options are limited. Subjects are not open.

18. Where and How I can apply for DAAD Scholarship?

Ans: All the information you will get in DAAD website. And you can send your application package to German Embassy in Dhaka. But for that please put your eyes closely what is the deadline for submission to embassy.

19. What are the benefits in DAAD scholarship?

Ans: You do not have to pay any tuition fees, your airfare will be free in economic class, per month approximate 700 euro you will get. And before the main program you will join in language and cultural program arrange by DAAD. At those two month you will get 500 euro/month.

20. What is there condition?

Ans: After completion of your Masters you must have to BACK to your Home country.

21. Will you advice it for me?

Ans It’s your choice if you want to back Bangladesh and do your masters in those limited option then its best option. BUT if you want to stay in Germany by any means you should not come with DAAD scholarship. As their condition you have to back after your Masters.

22. Who are the Target people for DAAD scholarship?

Ans: See it’s not confined. But DAAD main aim is for this kind of scholarship is to help the countries development. So they usually target NGO, Government Officer, and ethnic people for this kind of scholarship. They also give to general student but percentage is less.

24. What are the businesses Masters Program they offer previously?

Ans: Here I am giving the 2012 list. Application for 2012 is OVER. You may prepare for 2013. Here is the list

25. What is the minimum requirement for the DAAD Scholarship?

Ans:  The minimum requirements for participation in the postgraduate course should be:

# above average success in completing a four-year university program with a corresponding degree;

# good knowledge of the language of instruction;

# at least two years of pertinent work experience;

# very high likelihood of occupational reintegration in the home country.

26. Where should I contact.?

Ans : The best way is browse DAAD website and know more. But for your convenient here is the contact information-

Anke Stahl, Head of Section „Postgraduate Courses” – Section 431, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Kennedyallee 50, D-53175 Bonn, Phone: (0228) 882-127, e-mail:

27. Is there any other scholarship?

Ans : Yes there is. BUT as we are NON-EU student we have limited option. There is some option but those are not possible until you complete 1 semester in your university and achieve very good result. Although I am giving here a list FYI. You may browse—-

27. Is there any other way to fund myself during study?

Ans YES there is 3 kind of option to fund your study by work- 1. HiWi work, 2, As a Work Student in different company and 3. Odd Job. About these there is brief discussion in BSAAG group document please have a look.

28. What is the monthly cost for a student in Germany?

Ans It’s always vary. Depending on the person, in which city and university you will be etc its cost 400-700 euro per month. There is no exact figure.

29. How much I can earn by those work that you mention?

Ans: Again its vary. Like if you work as work student you will get 10-12 euro per hour, for odd job 5-7 euro per hour and in Hiwi you will get apx 450-600 euro monthly. So all it depends.

30. How many hours/days I will allow to work?

Ans As a student you will allow 180 half days/90 Full days/720 hours in a Year.

31. Is there any limitation that how many university or Masters Program I may apply?

Ans NO there is no such Limitation. You may apply as many as you want if you meet the requirement.

32. What you will advice, how many program one should apply?

Ans: I will advice you must need to apply at least 3-5 program for a semester. So that your chance will be increase to get admission.

33. Well now I know so many issue about this topic what should I do now?

Ans: First you have to equip yourself with best requirement. Eg: IELTS , GMAT, German Language etc.

Second make an Excel file with the particulars that you need. Say for example it may like this University Name, Program, Application Start date, Application Deadline, IELTS, GMAT, German Language, Program Duration, Medium of Instruction, Tuition Fees, Administrative Fees, Enrollment and Admission Semester, University web link, Program Link, contact person email etc. It will immensely help you to track your application process.

34. How I will search the program from DAAD website?

Ans First go to DAAD website, 1. change the language into English. 2.Then go to information for Foreigners. Go to Course Search. And then 3. Graduate course. Subject area Please chose Law Economics Social Science as business subject lie in this field. 4. Choice Business Administration or other business related subject 5. Choice your town if you have any specific choice or go for all. 6. Choice your Higher Education Institution HEI, its better to chose all. And Fachhochschule. 7. Type of degree just chose Master. 8. Course Language choice English if you only looking for English, if you look for German and English both then choice all. 9 Then click search. 10. You will find so many program 11. Click one course to see the summary information. 12. After click the page will give you a summary information. Now here I am putting image how it looks and giving the serial in red color as I describe above. Hope it will be convenient.

35. I find the university website in German Language, it seems very difficult. What can I do?

Ans Please calm down and check carefully. In every website you will find the option to change the language as its written English or British Flag. Just click on that. And the go to Prospective/ Future Student menu. And if there is no such option then use google chrome browser it will automatically translate. If its not in first attempt then refresh it. After all that if its not work then use Google Translator or use this link to translate

36. What are the ways to apply in German University?


1. Typical way send all the application along with application form to university mailing address.

2. Via uni-assist, as so many university do not accept direct application package. They take help form uni-assist. Uni-Assist Charge 68 euro for the first application, and for the rest additional one its 15 euro. To know more about uni-assist please visit []

3. Some university have their own application web portal. You have to apply via online and upload the document. And after application they will provide you a application ID and Password. Its automatically generated.

37. What you will advice during the time of application process?

Ans 1. Make sure about the requirement, 2. Put your mind about the deadline. 3. Make sure about the tuition fees and other charge 4. Put all your important information in that excel file eg; application id, password etc. 5. Whatever the form or payment you do for the study purpose please keep the scan copy with you for your future reference.

38. What are the documents needed for the application process?

Ans: Documents will be needed for Masters Application 1. Bachelor Certificate, 2. Academic Transcript 3. Two Recommendation Letter from Bachelor University professor. 4. HSC Certificate, 5 HSC Transcript 6. HSC Testimonial 7. SSC Certificate 8 SSC Testimonial 9. SSC Transcript 10 IELTS 11. German Language (if you have any) 12. Work experience Recommendation letter and Certificate. 12. Any Research paper 13. Resume/CV in EU Format 14 Passport Picture 15 Specific Form, if not available then use the DAAD application form. 16. Motivational Letter/ Essay.

NB: those who are from English Medium just take as HSC=A Level and SSC= O Level. Simple!

39. What is Euo Pass CV format? How I can do that?

Ans: Its one of the most acceptable Resume/CV format. Just go to this link and fill it up you will get your CV. Link

40. Can I remove the euro pass logo or should I remove the euro pass logo?

Ans YES you can.

41 Do I need to attested all the document? And from where I can do it?

Ans Yes you have to attested all the document either Notary or either from Embassy. If your university mention that documents must have to attested from Embassy then you Have to do it from there. Those who are in Dhaka do it from German Embassy. Those who are in Chittagong they can do it from MM ISpahani office in Agrabad. As Mr. Shaker Ispahani is Honorary Consular. In Dhaka it may take 1/2/3 weeks depend on the pressure of embassy. And in Chittagong it will take 2/3 days depend on Mr. Ispahani is available or not.

But most of the university accept notary document. And that is more easy and convenient. You can do it from any court law year who is eligible to do so.

42. How the Notary looks?

Ans This two seal will be in your document if it is Notary

43. Do the Embassy attested document in every single document? How it looks?

Ans NO they will take all the document and will fold and chop it. Here is smaple—

44 . What is the DAAD application form?

Ans: DAAD application form is unique and most of the university accepts it. You will find it in DAAD website. It is in English and German so easy to fill it up. If you want to fill it up in PC just double click in the PDF and write down all information and print. But you will not able to save them. Here I am giving you one sample—

45. Is there University Application Form Available?

Ans YES most of the time there is available application form in the university website. If you do not find it you can use DAAD one. But make sure which one the university prefer.

46. What is actually Recommendation Letter looks like?

Ans Here is the two samples.


Date: 26th October 2011

Reference for Md/Ms

This is pleasure for me to write about Name & ID a graduate from University Name. He has been known to me from the very beginning when he join University Name in the year 2005 as one of my student and teaching assistant (TA). Mr/Ms attended a few of my courses and he was my Teaching Assistant (TA) of my few courses as well. So that those interaction allowed me to observe and access his qualification very closely. I am really impressed with the level of his dedication, sincerity, and intellectual capability. During his tenure Mr/Ms.. was assigned with so many project and assignments and every time he/she was found very punctual and serious. He is capable to critically analyze different thought and conducting independent research.

Moreover the medium of instruction in University Name is English. Here evolution based on written examination and as well as oral presentation in English. In all aspect Mr/MS… did excellent. He/she can read write and grammatically correct English.

Mr/MS is amicable and sociable personality and love to interact people. I have always found Mr/Ms honest, straightforward and dependable. He is a person of strong conviction. During his tenure in University Name he did not found involve with any political or any activity subversive to the law or discipline. In addition with academic pursuit Mr/Ms was closely associated with the Business Student Society (BSS), Social Welfare Society (SWS), Environment Club, Debating Club etc- voluntary association of students, and he worked as an active member. During his tenure he arrange different workshop, seminars and trade fair that speaks for his leadership qualities.

In the mean time after graduating from IUB Mr/Ms… worked in several multinational company as a Manager which also enrich his experience and skills. He was in China for ….month his Management Training which is a big achievement of his career.

I strongly recommend Mr/Ms for the Masters Program at University Name. And I feel that if Mr/MS can get an opportunity to pursue his higher study in a reputed seat of learning he will able to demonstrate his potential to the fullest extent. I wish him every success in life. Thank you.

       SIGN and SEAL 


Name of Professor

Associate Professor, School of Business

University Name

Tel:                  , Mobile: 88-



Sample: 2

Date: 6th October 2011

Reference for Md/Ms

I am privileged to write in support of Mr/MS . Nmae  studied in University Name and he was in my several courses, which give me the opportunity observed his tremendous growth and development. This growth did not come not only in the area of academic achievement but in maturity and extracurricular activity as well.

Mr/Ms attended several course of mine and he was my teaching assistant. Where I find his analytical and creative capability. And as a TA I also found him a good teacher for new student. And as SWS coordinator I found Mr/Ms as a very active member and very kind to people. Several times he arrange several social welfare event for SWS which represent his leadership capability

Mr/MS learned to manage his time, work in group situation with strict deadlines, and recognize the importance of strong work ethics, persistence and intellectual integrity. He has become the most valuable student and role model to his newer classmate.

In the mean time after graduating from IUB Mr/Ms worked in several multinational company as a Manager which also enrich his experience and skills. He was in China for … month Management Training which is a big achievement of his career.

I strongly recommend Mr/MS ….. for the Masters Program at University Name. He has made me proud as his teacher and I am sure he will continue to do so in any future higher study opportunity and beyond. Thank you.


  SIGN and SEAL 

Name of Professor

Designation, School of Business

University Name




47 What is Medium of Instruction Certificate? How it looks?

Ans Medium of Instruction Certificate (MOI) is a certificate that inform about your Bachelor/Masters medium of instruction. Often some university exempted applicant from IELTS/TOEFL, if there previous Bachelor degree is Medium of Instruction is English. Here is a sample —–

Date: 26th October 2011

Medium of Instruction Certificate

University Name is a private/ government university of international standard in Bangladesh. University Name is approved by Government of Bangladesh and its curriculum approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh.

The medium of instruction at University Name is English. All undergraduate degrees of the university are of four year duration with open credit system.

For further information and clarification please contact the registers office at …………….or email- …………. or visit the website-http…………………. 

Thank you.

               SIGN and SEAl


Register Name

University Name

Tel:…………, Mobile:………….                    

Email: ………………………..

48 What is motivation Letter or Essay?

Ans It’s a letter or essay that will explain why you interested for this program and how best you suit for this. Its Very Important. See the smalpe but DO NOT COPY. Make your own one. The best way is know the program in dtails and then set your qualification accordingly and explain why you suit best for this program. The standard level is ½ page. And in the web site its 1000 words. So put this thing before writing —

Dear Sir/Madam,

I studied Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), (Major- …….. & Minor: ……..) at University Name. The emphasis of my study was understanding the fundamental managerial theories and principles that govern modern day business. I also learned about other diverse topics such as accounting, development economics, entrepreneurship, project management and strategic management. I found the last two topics, project management and strategic management, to be very interesting and challenging, because one of my career aspirations is to lead development projects with a strategic focus. 

Right now I am working as Deputy Manager Supply Chain Management Department & Project Coordinator, Company Name. Before that I was in Company Name as Assistant Manager Supply Chain Management Department and Company Name as a Territory Sales Manager. So after my graduation I work almost 3 years for different multinational company as a Manager. I felt for a company and as a Manager strategic planning and implementation is very important. So I am looking for Masters  program so that it will augment my existing skill and experience. The opportunity of a master’s degree education in Europe will provide me with a huge opportunity of having international exposure and global perspective.

The knowledge of Strategic Project Management will allow me to have a deeper insight into strategy preparation, implementation and evaluation. With all the uncertainties and changes in the world’s political, economic, social and technological situations, I believe that management must have a solid understanding, supported by a strong academic foundation of how to guide companies through these challenging times.

Thank you very much for considering my application. I look forward to launching my master’s education. If you have any query please feel free to advice me. 





49. I am facing problem to send application fees to Uni-Assist, What can I do?

Ans: Yes its true. Due Bangladesh Bank (BD Central Bank) foreign currency regulation, one cannot remit any foreign currency without specific paper and procedure. And for application fees you can no direct deposit foreign currency to abroad. The ways are—1. By International Credit Card, 2. If you have any friends and relative in Germany request him/her to pay for you. 3. By Virtual credit card [ I have doubt about that in Germany] but it works for UK etc. This service is available in Dutch Bangla Bank (DBBL) and Standard Bank Ltd

NB: Always mention your application/payment reference No. If it is credit card mention CCVI (Credit Card Value Identification No).

50. Do the university/ uni-assist confirm the receiving of the document? And how they inform?

Ans Of course uni-assist will do that by your given email. And most of the university also confirm the receiving of the document by email as well.

51. How many days it takes to get the result of Admission?

Ans After the Deadline of application typically it takes 15-30 days, it may varies university to university.

52. I got admission in several program, I am confused what I have to do?

Ans: Well it may happen. So it’s better when you will apply at that time make your own ranking. See first ask yourself what you want to be. And then go for the program. To support your decision you may ask seniors around you. And along with that just check the program content, how long the program is going on, what is the employment situation of the previous graduate, what is their profile, what is the history and status of the university etc.

53. What I will do if I did not accept the program ?

Ans Just decline the program within the deadline. If you Accept mark it if you Decline then  just mark it, then sign and date. Here is sample

NB: Please Accept or decline within the deadline.

54 After making final decision and getting Offer letter what should I do?

Ans 1. Advice your university to send the Hard Copy of Offer Letter as its mandatory for facing embassy for visa. 2. Take appointment for visa interview from German Embassy by email or Phone 3. Make a block a/c in the bank. The most common bank for this is Commercial Bank of Ceylon or Estern Bank Ltd (EBL). But if you have a/c in HSBC or SCB then I will advice you do that from there so you can save 25 thousand BDT, as its need to open a/c in Ceylon. Details about block a/c you will find a document in the BSAAG Group.

55. What is the format of that block a/c Certificate?

Ans Here is the sample.[Download the mediafire pdf above mentioned]

56. How visa application form looks like? How can I fill it up?

Ans Here is the sample when I need it I did not find any sample. So I hope it will help immensely. Just by double click in the pdf you can write all information and can print. But be noted you will not able to save any information in that pdf. So you have to print it out. I write down in blue color what you have to write. And remove my personal info so its cut off. Hope your well understanding. Here is the sample—–[Download the mediafire pdf above mentioned]

57. What are the documents need to face visa interview?

Ans You will need Hard Copy of Offer Letter, Visa Application form, All academic certificate, IELTS, German Language certificate and if you have work experience certificate add those one. Along with Original document you will need 2 sets of photocopy. But I will advice keep 3 sets of photocopy, because often some document want 3rd copy eg: Bank certificate. So it’s better to keep 3 sets of photocopy.

58  What might happen in the visa interview day?

Ans : First in the embassy there is two gate. At the right corner there is a small gate you have to go there when your appointment fixed. After entering there they will ask for what kind of visa you looking for. Nothing to worry they are BD ppl and will check you for security purpose. Then they will ask you for all your document please arrange them from latest certificate. Then they will pass to a both and advice you to wait. After that in the Mic/sound system they will announce your name and you have to go there. If all the document is ok he/she will send back all your original document except Passport. And will advice you to pay a amount approximate 7000 BDT. then you have to leave the Embassy an d go for Standard Charted Bank. For that you have to cross the road and move at 200Ft you will find it. Over there after payment you will get two copy one is for Embassy another one is for your Reference. So come back to the same pplace and same person. Submit the embassy copy and officer will provide you a page/document with your student file no. Then leave that place come to the main gate and show your paper. they will give you token. enter to the embassy and then wait for visa interview. Visa officer ask which program and university you going for? Why you chose that program? What is your future plan? Where you University City located in German map? How you finance your study etc then she will give you a book and thanks you. That’s all. NB: 1. Hard Copy of Offer Letter is mandatory. 2.Its Better to take 3 sets of document specially take 3 copy of Bank Certificate. 3, German Embassy have a typical format of Bank certificate make sure about that. 4. Do not lost the payment slip and note the student file no. 5. Last but not least just answer what the visa officer ask be cool and smart.

59  How the payment slip look like?

Ans The slip is actually 3 color, one page will be in Standard Chartered Bank, One Copy you have to submit to the embassy and one copy is yours one. That is blue color. And after cehecking all your certificate visa officer will give you paper along with your student file no Sample.

60.  It seems being in Business Career in Germany a bit tough?

Ans: Yes it is indeed. But it is not IMPOSSIBLE. Remember high risk high return. Here by the word risk I mean hard work and effort. As business post graduate you will lead a department. Often you have to command a native people. So overall you must have to hold that much of guts, personality, knowledge, skills, presentation, knowing language etc. You have to be all rounder.

61. What is admission interview for Masters Program?

Ans: In some university interview is taken as a part of their admission procedure. Nothing to worry much about that it’s a simple interview. I would like to say most of the good university take this kind of interview to make sure that their valuable learning seat is given to the deserving/right person.

62. How I will know that I have to face the interview?

Ans: Most of the time it is mention in the university Masters Program website. In the admission menu you will find the information about interview process. However after submission of your all document they will sort out the ideal candidate for them. Then by selection board if you selected then you will invite to face an interview. You will know it by E-Mail. In my case it was over the phone. But in some university they might ask you for an interview over the skype.

63. What they inform in the email? Do I need to careful about particular information or issue?

Ans: They advice that in this way “Dear Mr X. We are pleased to let you inform that you are preliminary selected for our Masters Program. And we are inviting you for an interview on Date…….Day…… Time…… with Prof X and Prof Y”

If you have no problem with that timing please confirm them about that interview timing by a reply email. If you really have some certain problem then let them advice they will reschedule it.

Yes put your eyes on the specific Date and Time. Remember they give you German time. So you have to put your mind that Bangladesh is 5 hours ahead then Germany. Say for example if they give 9 AM German time that means you have to call or sit for interview on 2 PM Bangladeshi time.

64. What preparation I should take for technical issue and environment?

Ans Well yes once you finalize the interview timing make sure during your interview you are in sound & disturbance free environment.

Well if it is Skype call then please noted down their skype ID and add it in your Skype list. And before interview check all your sound and other system. Best thing is you can make a test call with your friends.

If it is phone call then note down the phone no. Remember if you want to call from Bangladesh to Germany you have to use 00 & 49 (country code of Germany) before the given phone no. And if you use postpaid then it is not a problem. If you use prepaid phone then please refill it with enough balance or credit.

65. What is the duration for the interview?

Ans: Its always vary. However typically it is 5-15 minutes.

66. How should I introduce in the very beginning of the interview?

Ans It may be like this Hello is this Prof. X….Good morning (whatever) This Mr. Y I was supposed to call you for an interview. My application no/Reference no is …..for the Masters Program

Please make sure that you know your Application Reference no.

67. Who will take my interview?

Ans May be it will be taken by 2/3 professor. My time there was 2 professors one is Program Director another one is examinations committee director. So it means you have to face professor who are involved with your program.

68. What kind of  preparation I should take for the interview?

Ans: The most Important and first thing you have to know each and every single information about the Masters Program. All information you will get from website. You should know eg: Program content, how many credits, how many semesters etc.

Second know about the university, third know about the city where the university located and fourth know about your professor.

69. What are the questions they asked in the interview?

Ans: As I said earlier it is not a tough interview. First they will welcome you and introduce themselves who is there for your interview. Basically if the program is in English they alos try to check you efficiency level in English. They will ask you the following question—

# What is your name and application no?

# Please introduce yourself?

# How you know about the program and university?

# What you know about this Masters Program?

# Why you think we should offer you the place for you? Or How you suit best for the program?

# What is your IELTS score? [if your program is in English]

# Do you complete any German Language course? If so, until which level did you complete?

# Why you want to do this program?

# What is you plan after complete this Masters?

# Do you have any research paper?

# Whether it was mandatory for your undergraduate program?

# Do you have any work experience?

# In which company you work for? What was your position there? What type of job responsibility you did?

# Do you know anything about the city where the university located?

# We will not able to offer you any scholarship, so can finance yourself for the study period? [if it is not scholarship]

# Do you apply any other university?

70. Is there any chance that I may ask any question?

Ans: Of course. At the very end they will give chance to you by saying this, is there anything that you want to hear from us or do you have any question or query? At that time you may ask your question. Last but not least I will say just be simple, humble, relax and say what you know. If you do not know anything just answer you do not know or if you that you can learn it in upcoming days just answer I will try my best to learn it in upcoming days. They appreciate it. No need to show or say anything that you do not know or you are not. At the end thanks them for giving you the opportunity and considering you for the position.

In a conclusion now a days Business post graduate getting very lucrative salary in Germany compare to others. So decision is yours! Best of luck!

Again I try my best to help the future post graduate Business studies student. And whatever the I advice that I share from my experience. Someone may follow different way and become successful. Wishing you all the best. Who ever read this document and felt its helpful my only request to them please help other student as well.


[2]. Some more questions on Bachelor Study in Business related sub./BBA


Q.: আমি বিসনেসের উপর ব্যচেলর এ পড়তে চাই। এই গ্রুপের “ব্যাচলর স্টাডিঃ জার্মানি” ডক টি পড়ে এবং ইনটারনেটে রিসার্স করে জানতে পারলাম যে, ইউনিভার্সিটিতে পছন্দের সাবজেক্ট এ এপ্লাই করার পর ইউনিভার্সিটি নির্ধারণ করে দেবে আমাকে Studienkolleg এর কোন কোর্স করতে হবে যেমনঃ M, T, W or S etc.কিন্তু আবার Studienkolleg করতে হলে entrance exam দিতে হবে যার জন্য মিনিমাম B1 কমপ্লিট করা থাকতে হবে। যা অনেকেই বাংলাদেশ থেকে করে যায়। কিন্তু আমি চাচ্ছি A1 থেকে B1 পর্যন্ত জার্মানি গিয়ে কোন ল্যংগুয়েজ ইনস্টিটিউট থেকে শেষ করে তারপর Studienkolleg করতে। কারন বাংলাদেশ থেকে জার্মান শিখা টা আমার মনে হয় একটু বেশি জটিল কারন এখানে প্রাকটিস করা যায়না। কিন্ত কেও যখন কোন দেশে চলে যায় তখন সেই ভাষা টা তারাতারি শিখতে পারে। অর্থাৎ আমি চাচ্ছি প্রথমে জার্মানি গিয়ে ল্যংগুয়েজ কোর্স করে তার পর ইউনিভার্সিটি তে মূল কোর্স করতে ।

এখন আমার প্রশ্ন হচ্ছে:

১. আমার সিদ্ধান্ত কি ঠিক আছে?

[ভাই, হিসাব হল অনেকটা এ রকম ,ল্যংগুয়েজ কোর্সঃ ২০০০ ইউরো(৬ মাস)লিভিং কস্টঃ ৩০০০ ইউরো(৬ মাস)তারপর Studienkolleg এর জন্য আমাকে কোন টাকা দিতে হবে শুধু লিভিং কস্টঃ ৬০০০ ইউরো(১ বছর) এর মধ্যে যদি ৩ মাস কাজ করতে পারি তাহলে কিছু আর্ন করতে পারব। তাইলে আমার টোটাল খরচ ১১০০০ ইউরো(১.৫ বছর)। Studienkolleg শেষ করে মুল কোর্সে যাওয়ার পর ত ওয়ার্ক পারমিট পেয়ে যাবো তাঁর পর ত ইনসাআল্লাহ নিজের খরচ নিজেই বিয়ার করতে পারব।]

২. এভাবে কি আসা যায় ?

৩. ইউনিভার্সিটি কি আমাকে এই শর্তে এডমিশন লেটার দিবে?

৪. আমি কিভাবে ইউনিভার্সিটির এডমিশন লেটার আনব? মানে আমকে ইউনিভার্সিটিতে কি বলতে হবে?

৫. প্রথমে আমাকে কি জার্মানির কোন ল্যংগুয়েজ ইনস্টিটিউট এর এডমিশন লেটার এনে তারপর ইউনিভার্সিটির এডমিশন লেটার আনতে হবে? মানে ল্যংগুয়েজ ইনস্টিটিউট এর এডমিশন লেটার দেখিয়ে ইউনিভার্সিটির এডমিশন লেটার আনতে হবে কিনা।

৬. আমি যদি জার্মানিতে গিয়ে ল্যংগুয়েজ কোর্স করি তাহলে দেখা যাবে প্রায় ৬-৭ মাসের মত লেগে যাবে , তাহলে আমি ইউনিভার্সিটির কোন সেমিস্টারের এডমিশন লেটার আনব ? মানে কত দিন পরের । এনেক সময় মনে হয় এডমিশন এর তারিখ চলে গেলে অনলাইনে আর এপ্লাই করা যায় না , সেক্ষেত্রে কি ইমেইলে এপ্লাই করে আনা যাবে? কারন আমাকে যদি চলতি সেমিস্টারের পরের সেমিস্টারের এডমিশন লেটার আনতে হয়(যেহেতু আমকে ল্যংগুয়েজ কোর্স করতে হবে) তাহলে আমি কি করব?

৭. Studienkolleg এর জন্য কি আলাদা ভাবে এডমিশন নিতে হবে?

৮. ইউনিভার্সিটির এডমিশন লেটার আনতে হলে কি অরিজিনাল সার্টিফিকেট পাঠাতে হয়?

৯. অনেক ইউনিভার্সিটিতে uni-assist এর মাধ্যমে এপ্লাই করতে হয় । আমি কি uni-assist ছাড়া এপ্লাই করতে পারব?

১০. আমাকে কি বাংলাদেশ এ থাকতেই হেলথ ইন্সুরেন্স করতে হবে। আর এটার জন্য কি অগ্রিম পে করতে হবে?




‎1. decision thik ache, jodi living cost and other expenses bear korte paro… language course korar somoy kaj kora jay na.

[You may work during the languague course as well, but on holiday period only. Please check the corresponding doc.]

2. ‎asa jay.

3. university admission letter dibe kina seta akmatro university e jane.. onno keu bolte pare na.. so university coordinator er sathe contact korte paro.. and details sob bolba.

4. university jodi tomar language certificate or language admission e raji hoy, then orai offer letter pathabe tomar application send korar por. oder requirements fulfill korle.. admission committee akmatro admission neaor bepare jane.. onno keu admission letter niya dite parbe na.

5. bd te language course na kore asle, language er admission nite hobe prothom e jekono lang institute theke, then university er sathe contact and details bolte hobe.

6. হমম, ইউনিভারিসিটি কে এই প্রশ্নটা করা যেতে পারে। তারা কখন শুরু করে কি তা জানতে।


– হ্যাঁ, আলাদাভাবে নিতে হয়।

– U just take a language institue course…..then apply university with language papers…..then university give u B course for business…its ur studienkollege preperation…….mind that u most give the aufname prüfünug ……..ata studienkollege a dhukar jonno exam…..atai pass na korley tumi studienkollege korete parba na.

– 1st kotha hoilow apni janeen language course kortay koto taka spend kortay hobay…language course ta Goethe institute a kortay paren..i hope ayta apnar jonow better hobay… 2. apnar IELTS thaklay apni english program a apply kortay parban. because most of the university tay German language program ar language level C1. i mean A1-A2-B1-B2-C1..almost 1.5 years. but apnar jodi IELTS thakay than apni english program a apply kortay paran + A1 0r a2 level greman language course ta bangladesh thakay koray jaytay paran( ayta apnar job + regular use onek help korbay).3. kisu university asay Uni-assit cara apply kortay parban i mean directly apply kortay parban.

8. Orginal certificate lage na, ora jevabe chai hoi Embassy theke attessted, na hoi raotary , na hoi jothajoth kotripokko theke attested koralei hoi.

‎9. jesob uni assist bola ase, oisob uni assist ei korte hobe.

10. Bangladesh theke korte hobe na health insurance korte hoi na, Germany ese korle hoi .


[3]. Some more questions on Masters Study in Business related sub./MBA



1. GMAT and Job experience is required if u try to get good business schools international programs in Germany.

2. If u directly want to join the German taught MBA programs then sometimes only German lang[Minimum B1 level] and English lang.[minimum 6] is required.


Can you please tell me name of few universities offering MBA/Masters of Business for Business gradates (Finance, International Business, Marketing, Management)?


#Go through this link: How to Search for the Courses, University Profiles and Rankings[কিভাবে বুঝবো এই ইউনিভারসিটি আমার জন্য ভাল?]

#If u do not know how to use search engine of DAAD, read this:জার্মানিতে উচ্চশিক্ষার জন্যে এপ্লাই করার ধাপসমূহ

– Please be noted MBA is not free. you may check more. Minimum tuition fee is 1000 euro somewhere its 5 or 6 times. Somewhere GMAT+Job experience 2/3 years is needed. but there is several Masters program in your mention subject. And one more thing MBA is not typical like it is in our country.


Germany te business er kon subject er value besi: 1. Finance, 2. Accounting, 3. Economics, 4. International Business, 5. ManagementKindly sequentially uporer subject guloke sajan on the basis of employer demand?


– International Business consits of Finance, Accounting, Economics, Management, HRM, and So on.. So if you want to have a job in future internationally either in Germany or outside of Germany IB would be a great choice..But I believe in a Business related career, subject doesn’t play a major role to have a good job. The main facts are your performence(result), smartness and language skill.- EU/ Germany in business related field is comparatively more difficult compare to other sector due to no develop country encourage or like any outsider will take the lead/management role in their company/country until or unless you really deserve it . Now come to the point there is no such ranking or something one can/should advice you. EU/Germany to be very specific always give priority to give job who is specialize in a specific sector. In that case if you come for any technology+business related subject than it will help you a lot. Whatever you mention all have its own potential and demand. And now it depends on you and your background,qualification.And to be in Germany and its job sector specially in Business communication is very important. In that case German Language is needed and vital. Now come to another side if any one want to come for Bachelor then any one come put it mind that there is hardly 100% bachelor program in medium of instruction is English. May be there are few. But it will be a great option if one want to be live in Germany for a long time because in this time (Bachelor) he/she will adopt with the culture, language everything. But if any want to come for Masters then I will advice first 2/3 yeas do job in Bangladesh in Multinational company and then come forMasters. Please be noted MBA is not as easy as it is in BD. If you want to be in MBA there is no tuition free so far I search & know you can search more. The minimum tuition fees is 1000 euro and in some university it is 2/3/4/5 times. So I will say do the masters then join in German company work for 2 years at least then go for MBA you will be in best position.


I did not mention some information. I have completed BBA in Finance. I am interested to do masters in Finance in Germany, but, I am confused about the demand of Finance in Germany as technological subject has more demand. Thats why i seeked for advice from you guys. Now tell me should I go for Finance or other subject?


– its simple go and find your course. You will find several subject in Finance. Then go for those university and program. then check the program career opportunity and previous graduate employment place if available you will find all information there.

– First of all no university if Germany never give any information which is not true. If they say there previous graduate get sob in Basf then they mean it. Well the reality you will able to explore when only you will face it. FYI now Germany is in their on of the best economical situation. So there is available job. But you need a specialize degree and Germman Language. Then the job will find you so far I got the information from all the BD people are doing job iin Germany. Well now the reality will depend because may be you will graduate after 2 years no one will able to say whats gonna happen at that time. eg: say now there is demand of Masters in International Finance but after 2 years it might change. So far there is nothing to worry there is available job the subject you mention but you need a Masters Degree and Language that’s all. Last but not least I will say do not go for what will give you job go for what you are best.


Dear brothers- anyone tell me some university name for Business students Thank you in advanced.


EBS Business School (EBS University), WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, European School of Management and Technology, The Münster School of Business and Economics, University of Osnabruck (Universitat Osnabruck), University of Jena, Bamberg University, Regensburg University, Duisburg-Essen University, Halle-Wittenberg University, GISMA Business School etc.


Thank you for the list of university, but many of them have too much tuitions fees !


Paderborn University, Marburg University, University of Jena, Bamberg University, Regensburg University, Duisburg-Essen University, Halle-Wittenberg University, university of Koiln, Hamburg university, Giessen university… etc have very low tuition fees (up to 500 euro per year)


Back ground Commerce , Management e Masters cholse … transit er upor kono subject ase emon kono university ase ba MBA korar moto kon university tuition fee less … si shate kon university te eki shate language o mul course eke shate kora jabe.


– bro did you search it by yourself??? Please first visit

and read documents of this group. then ask any further question. However MBA tuition free is quite Impossible, so far I know there is no such option. If wanna do MS in Management there is several option. you will find everything in DAAD website by course search. But for be successful I want to say to get admission in Business is quite different then engineering program. If you have German Language, IELTS, Work experience then it will be keep ahead than others. But this I told you to be keep ahead than others. But without IELTS you can get admission if your previous medium of instruction is English. And to be part of MBA without 2 / 3 years work experience is not possible so far I know. And most of the MBA is with tuition fees.

– Ami thik bujte parsina uni ashole kiser bepare jante chaisen. by the way jodi MBA er bepare jante chan tahole eta may be helpful hote pare.

– Please go through on this webpage:

and then choose ur course, look the fees, course language, job opportunity and so on.

– If you want to do your Masters in “International Business” at HTW Berlin or Masters in “Inetrnational Human resource Managetment” at HWR Berlin, you don’t have to pay. But most of the university charge very high tution fees for “MBA”..Anyway you can try yourself to find a tution free Uni for MBA through Daad website. I hope there are some Uni that charge no tution fees or very low tution fees..Best of luck..:)


1. will I b able to apply for a “student Visa” or” student applicant visa” or i will have to apply for “Visa for participation in a language course”(these all terms I get from yours helpful docs :D).

2.Does my consultancy firm already paid my language course fee?

3.Will be there any problem to get admission in that versity after finish my language course?


– 1.You have a conditional admission meaning you get a visa under Language Learning.

2. They have paid only the reservation fee.

3. You must pass the language exam first, otherwise NOT. And dont take it for granted, to get the exam passed in 6 months is a hell lot of work.

– After passing DSH/Test-Daf exam you will be allowed to enroll at the University. And to take part in DSH/Test-Daf exam you have to complete atleast C1 level of German language. Within 2 years you have to finish sucessfully your all language courses including Dsh/Test-Daf. After passing DSH/Test-Daf you will be allowed to apply all over the Germany according to your background studies. But keep in mind that to pass DSH/Test-Daf exam is a hell lot of work and not an easy task.But its not impossibleto pass DSH/Test-Daf. Its depend on you, how much pressure you can takein a foreign country with new culture and new environment. Furthermore to get admission offer from a ranked University you have to achieve a good note in DSH/Test-Daf exam. And as far as I know language students are also allowed to parttime work, except state lower saxony. And I am pretty sure that TU-Clausthal also offer language course for their foreign students at their Uni-language club. That means you can learn german directly in Tu-Clausthal’s language club with paying 150 euro(I guess) per level.


Thanks to all of you especially mahbub vai and adnan vai..I was not familiar to this group at first so why I was confused about block accnt that the reason I seek help from consultant n they assure they will manage my block accnt but they demand higher charged and I have nothing to do but agree.I talked to my consultant about part time job while I will do language course..they said it is legal from beginning but I have to manage my job personally>My german language center is at dresden in saxony.Is it possible to manage a part time job there?and is it possible to continue my language course and part job(for course fee and accommodation) and passed the test after 6 months.Ya I am sure it is difficult but is it impossible?My total german course fee will be around 3680 euro:( Mahbub Alam Munna vai I ask my consultant to manage a course at tu clausthal they just said this one will be better for me :/may b becoz they already paid reservation money in this institute and they are not willing to change it :


–  Part time job is not allowed for a language student in the first year except during holiday season which is only some 6-8 weeks. Chances are high that you would get less time to look for a job with the intensive language course. Be prepared to finance the complete 1 year from own pocket.

– keep in mind without knowing German it would be very difficult to find a parttime job.:( One suggesition-If you will find german is too difficult to study MSC in future.. You are always allowed to apply for a english taught course at Universities,which offer MSC in English language. But you have to fullfill their admission reqiurements e.g ( BSC CGPA, Ielts, Job experience etc) . But keep in mind you have to enrol yourselfl at a Uni either German taught or English taught within first 1.5 year…Best of luck..:)

– from my point of view…u have paid 80k till now…so definitely ur firm didnt pay the language fee…so u have to pay for it..which is a huge amount(check the wesite of the lang institue)..also u will not be permitted for part time job if u are a lang stud…that means ur parents need to send u the money…u can do it if u/ur parents have enough money for that…moreover u have to gain certain level of grade in lang course after that u will be able to start ur Msc..if u cudnt get the grade then u need to continue ur lang course by paying additional fees….its ur decesion whether u r going to take this huge pain or just give away ur 80k and try by urself…hope my opinion will help u…

–  কিছু সাজেশনঃ

১. এখন[Jan-April] Winter Sem. এর Application time চলছে। নিজে নিজে Apply করেন। ৬ মাস wait করে winter sem.[Aug-Oct] এ আসেন। পারলে Eng. Taught Masters এ।

২. ৩ লাখ টাকা এজান্সিকে না দিয়ে Goethe Institute এর Intensive Course এ ভর্তি হয়ে যান। যত পারেন লেভেল complete করে আসেন।

৩. এরপর জার্মান ইউনিভার্সিটিতেও কিন্তু আপনি আপনার মেইন কোর্সের পাশাপাশি Univ. Lang. Institute এ নাম মাত্র টাকায়[১০০/২০০ ইউরো] বাকি কোর্সগুলো করতে পারবেন।

৪. রিস্ক এর পরিমানের কথাটা মাথায় রাখবেন যেকোন Decision নিতে।

৫. বেস্ট অফ লাক।


I have completed my BBA in 2010. After that I started my MBA in 2011 and still continuing. Now I want to admit myself into a well reputed/government approved but low cost University of Germany for my Masters in International Business. I am confused about the procedure of going to Germany. I am also confused about the requirements of IELTS & about the Language course (including fees, because BSB told me that one of theGerman university charges 5400 Euros for the Language course).


– most of the cases german lan is not required for admission (but may differ for some univ.. check their web)…IELTS=6 will be enough but more grade will help to keep u ahead…if u have time then admit urself to goethe ins in dhaka for lan course(15k tk /level)….go to or write “universities of germany” in wikipedia and u will get the list of the universities….at last PLZ DO NOT GO TO ANY AGENCIES.

– I will advice you go through the doc and then visit

and find out your subject and information. YES it is possible do it by yourself. Do not worry at all. And I do believe as iubian you are smart enough to do that. If you are not in job I will advice you to be in job for at least 2 years. If you are middle of MBA I will advice you to complete it then go for Germany. Well the process is simple find out your university, note the requirement, notary/attested the document and send it to university by DHL/GPO etc that’s it. Now come to IELTS/German Language I will advice you please do the both. German at least A1. Well without these two you may apply as IUB medium of instruction is English. But please be noted that when the medium of instruction is English in that time IELTS will help you a lot and minimum score should be 6 , best 6.5/7. And in Germany there is no alternative without knowing the German Language so it will help you a lot. Now come to application. Summer term is over you have to ready for Winter 2012 semester. It typically start from July and semester will start from October. Please be noted most of the business courses is offer by university of Applied Science. And most of the university applied science you have to apply via uni-assist. It cost 68 euro for one application and each additional one 15 euro. So in BDT its very small amount. And it is 100 time better to expense for uni-asist [German Central Application Process Agency for forigned owned degree, Nominated by universities] rather than any BD consultancy firm. Well sending money is a bit tough from BD due to BD Central Bank rule. But if you have friend in Germany you can send it by them/ International Credit Card/ Virtual Credit Card of DBBL/Standard Bank (please consult with bank). Hope this information will help you a lot. And although if you have any specific question you can ask me. I will request you to browse a lot and take information. And one more request first browse then ask any specific question. Do not ask in General question.If you have enough money and if you do not get admission I will advice you come for language course. But if you have problem with that then I will advice you come for Masters Medium of Instruction 100% English course. But keep in mind during Masters you have to complete rest of the language course level if you want to be in Germany after Masters. And for Business Student it is more important than any other sector.

– here is some more information for you University tuition fees is same for all department so far I know. And its max 600 euro depend on university. And after enroll you will try for several funding or TA/RA/HiWi/Company job. Now costing say your tuition fees is 500 so if it is 4 semester it will come 2000 euro. Per month typical living expense is 450-700 euro depend on person and city. And if you will come self finance so 8000 [apx 7908 actually] euro you have to show as block a/c as per embassy requirement to get visa , you will need hand cash in first few month 1500-2500 [depend on person and other fact] plus airfare 50 thousand to 80 thousand depend. Now in total I guess one should budget 11.75 lac BDT. Please be noted after being in Germany you can send back 8000 euro but that depend on the state you will live and your finance condition at that time.


I am going to start the German Language Course (A1) in Bangladesh from Goethe Institute which will start in April2012. Will it be helpful for me? Still do I need to do any language course over there? Or I should do the advance level language course (A2, B1.1, B1.2, B2.1, B2.2, and C1.1) after reaching Germany?Actually I don’t want to waste any time doing the IELTS .I think German Language course will be helpful for me during my Masters and also if I stay there for long. So I want to do the German Language Course here and also over there. Is it possible to get the acceptance/offer letter both for the Language course and for the MSC from Bangladesh?Somewhere I read that IELTS might not be needed if I can provide the English proficiency certificate delivered by my last institution (IUB). Will that be helpful instead of IELTS if IUB provide so?One more thing I want to add. You suggested me to complete my MBA here and after then I should go to Germany for MBA or MSC. You also suggested me to gather some experience by working in some MNC.I know that will be helpful for me to get the visa or in future. But honestly speaking it is merely impossible for me to do so. So please guide me for Business Study Courses without IELTS and without working experience!


–  bro please pay more attention what the comment I made and please went though doc here as well DDAD. some of the question already answer here. well again I am answering you First there is no alternative to learn German Language if you want to settle in Germany. But I will advice you complete min A1 & max A2 in Bangladesh. And if you get chance in English medium Business Masters program go for it. But if you want to come for Language or Conditional offer then complete A1 is fair enough as its another requirement in some cases to be enroll in Language course & being accepted for conditional Masters offer. Now, while you will do your Masters you will find most of the university provide free language course. So in that mean time you will able to complete B2/C1 level that is fair enough and nothing to worry with that. In that case no need to complete more than A 2 in Bd. Well you can come for language course as well but please be noted at that time you will not allow to work except holiday &there is no scholarship as well so far I know. And its quite expensive. So think whether you can effort it or not? And in some university where medium of instruction is in German they offer conditional offer that first you have to pass language course at least C1 level then you can enroll for the Masters if all other requirement match. so think whether you will like it or not. Now come to IELTS if you want to be get admit in Masters in Business Program at that time you may apply with MOIE of IUB, BUT please be noted the chance is less. You need IELTS and the score should be 6.5/7 no part less than 5.5. Bro IELTS will be assets for you and the German Language as well. Now let me explain why I said complete MBA because if you complete 1 semester that means already you expense a amount I know in IUB within 3/4 semester you can complete the MBA. So you should not waste it. And second if you do job you will be more mature, will earn and & save some amount of money and that will help you a lot to get admission in Germany . And in Future if you want to do job in Germany it will help you in great way. And job experience one of vital assets to get admission although often they do not mention in requirement but in some university the mention it. Now at the end find out you course from DAAD as per your choice. Last but not least I think all your query is answer here so now pay a good time to browse the website. And Lennon Russel already made a document from different comment so please read it.

– I am sorry that I forget to mention it earlier that is when you will apply please apply several university. I will advice at least 3 and even more if you have option. It will increase you admission opportunity. And more-less all university quality of education standard is pretty same in Germany.

প্রতিবেদনঃ মু. রশিদুল হাসান, মু. মামুন সিরাজুল মাজিদ


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Hi,I am from bangladesh.I want to study bba in germany.I passed ssc in 2009 and my gpa was 4.63 (science).I passed hsc in 2013 and my gpa was 3.30 (science).I want to get admitted in a tuition free university and do i have to study in English or in german?what things I have to do now to get admitted in a german university and how much time It will need? I would be really thankful If you can anser my questions.


I like the website. I ‘m a student of 4th year BBA at IIUC Coming Autumn 13 is my final semester of bachelor course. I want to study masters in business studies at any cities of germany & i want to settle myself there, so please consult me for my desire.

thank you.


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