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How can I adopt a child?


Like thousands of other women and they want to give orphans and those whose parents can not provide them with safe future or are in other emergencies, a family. In Germany, the Federal Statistical Office in 2007, a total of 4509 children and adolescents found a new home. However, until an adoption is legally recognized, it can take months or even years.

Who can adopt?

Who wants to adopt a child, whether from domestic or foreign, under German law must be at least 25 years of age and have a blank criminal record. If one spouse is younger, it must be at least 21 years old. A maximum age for adoptive parents is not defined by law, the age difference between child and adoptive parents should not exceed 40 years.

Only married couples can adopt?

No, but if a couple adopts a child, it can only do that together. Spouse or registered partner can take an already existing child of her partner through a step-parent adoption. In a de facto relationship can only be one of the partners adopt a child. Singles can adopt a child only in exceptional cases.

What is an incognito adoption?

With this adoption, the birth parents do not know where the child came. The adoption under German law is basically an incognito adoption.

What is a semi-open or open adoption?

In the semi-open adoption, the adoptive parents know the birth parents at a meeting, also letter contacts are possible. This contact is made via the Youth Office. In the open adoption of the biological parents is a direct contact. Disadvantage: From the relationship triangle biological parents – child – adoptive parents may develop tossed about.

Who can give adopted children?

Only the adoption agencies of youth services, the central adoption places the state youth authorities and the adoption agencies accredited private institutions.

What is checked everything?

Age, character, living and financial status, social status, education, etc.-will and ability of the prospective adoptive parents are tested. Therefore, the personal circumstances of a child (age, past performance, possibly disability) are considered.

Who must approve the adoption?
Both biological parents must consent to the adoption of her child – the earliest eight weeks after the birth goes. In exceptional cases, the biological father can already agree before the birth or adoption of the guardianship court replaces the consent (for example, if the place where the father is unknown). Also, the child must consent – under 14 takes over his legal representative, after his 14th Birthday can only agree on the child itself.

How much does an adoption?
Domestic adoption agency is free of charge as a task of youth services. It need only the cost of certifications, certificates of good conduct and notaries are paid. The cost of an international adoption are different because documents such as fitness reports and documents have to be translated normally. In addition, may apply depending on country of origin and method features cost more. More info give the locations of the country’s Central Adoption youth services and the adoption placement agencies throughout.

Are there parental benefits for adoptive parents?
Yes, it can be applied for parental allowance for a period of up to 14 months. The period begins when the child is included in the budget. Once the child has completed the eighth year of life, however, is not entitled to parental benefit more.

How long will the parents take time with adoptive children?
adoptive parents, up to the eighth year of the child take a total of up to three years’ parental leave from the placement of the child.

Is there money in education adopted children?
For parents whose children are currently 1 Born January 2007, and were then taken into adoptive care, child benefit can be claimed. It will be paid beginning with the placement of the child in the family until the end of his eighth year.

Is first verified whether mate child and adoptive parents?

Yes, before it comes up for adoption, there are the so-called adoptive care time when parents and children can get used to each other. It becomes clear how much the success of the parent-child relationship are.

What is the difference between a foster child and an adopted child?

Adopted children are legally the sole children of their adoptive parents and not their biological parents. The adoptive parents have custody and alimony, the child carries their family name and replaced if it is of foreign origin, and German nationalityFoster parents do not have custody, but can make decisions in terms of the child if the foster relationship lasts longer and receive state financial support for the maintenance and education of the child.

How long does the adoption placement process?

The aptitude test by the local youth welfare office can take up to one year. The adoptive parents-to-be must submit various documents (excerpt from the family book, birth certificates, proof of income, health certificates, police certificates, etc.). Considered as suitable candidates, you have children submitted proposals. After approval and adoption, the adoptive parents provide care to an application to the Guardianship Court.

How long does an international adoption?

Exchanges for foreign adoptions are the locations of the country’s Central Adoption youth services, youth services, as well as some that are recommended for the international adoption agencies voluntary organizations. The duration of the adoption placement proceedings abroad varies by country of origin of the child from and whether the adoption is done by agencies or free carrier. It can be completed in a few months, but also take several years.

What changes legally?
With the adoption void the relationships of the child and the rights and obligations associated with his birth family. The adopted child is now with their family lines (such as children, parents, siblings, etc.) related to the adoptive parents. With the change of the family relationship the same rights and obligations, as with a traditional family relationship (eg, the capacity of heir, dependents).

Does the Birth Certificate?

Yes, after the adoption at the registry office, a birth certificate is issued in the name of the adoptive child, not from the show that it is an adopted child. Separately, a descent book is kept, from which arises the family background of the child. The adopted child can with their 16th Year of life, the court records and the descent book ads.

What rights does the adopted child?

From the age of 16 Year of life can take adoptees access to their ancestry in the book and adoption placement record. This is 60 years – kept – from the date of birth of the child.

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