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BSAAG donates 1000 Euro for new students in Germany in 2012


BSAAG is donating 1,000 Euro for the new students who are coming to Germany for higher studies in 2012.

This amount will be provided to 20 new Students (50 Euro each) who would like to buy a new Laptop  or PC that is needed for their studies. We wish that this very little effort will be of help!

The interested students are requested to apply to mailtobsaag AT gmail DOT com.

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3 replies on “BSAAG donates 1000 Euro for new students in Germany in 2012”

BSAAG is great. It is very helpful for the new comer. Thanks to all BSAAG member. Thank all of you so much for this helpful support.Best wishes for all of you.


The students who already bringing laptop from Bangladesh is there any option for them
To get any support from this donation in any other essential purpose?
hope it will be helpful for them.Thanks


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